Expert Project Consulting

Our Project Consulting Services help clients solve problems and advance difficult initiatives by providing knowledge and expertise from highly experienced professionals who have “been there and done that”.

Get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for. We will contact you right away and set up screening calls between you and 2-3 professionals with the right expertise.

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Is your situation right for bring in an Expert who has “been there and done that”?

  • Do you have a gap in needed knowledge and experience in your organization where you don’t know what you don’t know?
  • Are you missing key “hands-on” skills and experience to help you make the right decisions and advance initiatives more productively?
  • Are you initiating something new and need someone who has “been there and done that” to lead the effort and mentor the team?
  • Do you have a specific objective and want support to develop a statement of work and specific deliverables that enable your organization to get what they need in an affordable and timely manner?
  • Would you like a flexible and affordable alternative to an expensive consulting company that will typically staff projects with a team of less tenured staff and provide minimal knowledge transfer?

How an expert project can help

  • Initiate and advance key initiatives in a timely and affordable way (e.g., drive operational efficiencies, expand into new markets, advance new products, improve sales performance and management, initiate a new business, prepare for an exit, M&A due diligence and integration, upgrade financial controls, streamline systems / technology, improve the impact of marketing, plant consolidation, etc…)
  • Define a Statement of Work and Deliverables that insures that you fill the gap that you have and is not redundant with what others are doing in the organization effectively.
  • Add knowledge and experience to your team and lead to the jumps in productivity that comes from being there and doing that before.
  • Have a single expert work along side your team, providing their knowledge, and “hands-on” day to day work to make the initiative successful, while transferring their knowledge to your team.    
  • Provide the knowledge and experience you need in a highly targeted manner that is much more cost effective than alternatives (i.e., hiring, bring in a consultancy, going it alone, hiring an interim professional)