Retained Executive Search

At M&A Executive Search, we’re experts at finding the right leadership talent that is vital to long-term success.  We conduct local, national, and international retained searches from director to “C” suite levels. Your confidential executive search will be handled by a senior partner with extensive experience in your industry. Our focus is on finding the right candidate by using our proprietary culture assessment and Profitable Leadership Process to ensure the best fit for your culture and team.

M&A Executive Search is considered the preeminent executive search firm for manufacturing and aligned industries. Together with Monarch Leadership, M&A Executive Search provides a proprietary culture assessment to our clients that set us apart from other firms.

M&A Executive Search Finds Candidates that Fit Your Culture

We understand what it takes to ensure every candidate is right for the role, the team, and the culture. The culture assessment attributes to our firm’s 95% success rate by ensuring each candidate successfully integrates into their new position. The assessment is used in our search process to identify an organization’s current culture, and to measure whether select candidates will fit into the culture—no more using simply gut feel when it comes to measuring culture fit.

One of the biggest changes we’ve seen at M&A Executive Search over the last two decades in the workforce is the “path” to C-Suite, executive roles. It used to be that workers would spend 20+ years with the same company, slowly working their way up the ladder until they were one of the longest-tenured employees and felt they were owed their due. While there is certainly nothing wrong with that path, many companies are seeing great benefits to hiring everything from lower-level executives all the way up to CEOs from outside their company.

Succession Planning for Your Company

A recent study by Stanford Business revealed that only 54% of companies are grooming internal candidates for CEO, COO, or President roles. Additionally, 39% of companies feel like they have no viable in-house candidates for those roles. While many small and even mid-size companies just don’t have the internal talent or have possible successors who are also retiring, even large companies who have layers of management and leadership who can be groomed as possible successors struggle with finding the right fit.

In years past, as a retained, executive search firm, we would conduct CEO and executive and confidential searches. In today’s environment, more often we are conducting “CEO succession searches”. These searches are Vice President and Senior Vice President level placements with the idea that the incumbent will be a successor to the CEO in anywhere from several months to a few years.

So how do you go about finding possible successors? M&A Executive Search can help you find and hire a “professional” executive who has a progressive track record of success in you industry and will report to the President, COO and/or CEO. That role could be COO, or, for a sales-driven company, the VP of Sales, or VP of Engineering for a product-driven company, or a CFO for a finance-driven company. This approach gives executives and potential CEO successors an opportunity to make a difference in your organization while they have time to learn about the company, products/services, customers, and—most importantly—the company culture. This approach also gives the company time to groom the potential successor and vet whether they are the right fit for the role.

Completed Searches from M&A Executive Search

Take a peek at recently completed custom industry-specific recruiting searches from Minneapolis-based M&A Executive Search.


Vice President of Sales

Director of Sales

Vice President of Business Development - Finance & Retail

Vice President Account Sales

Account Executive

Business's Development Executive

Sales Rep

Sales Executives

Business Development Manager, new sales

Director, Sales & Business Development



President and CEO

Senior Vice President

Board Member


General Manager

VP Human Resources

VP Sales and Marketing

Director, Marketing & Business

Product Marketing Manager

Director, Integrated Marketing

Director, International Sales & Marketing

Director, Product Marketing

Director of Supply Chain Management

Non Profit / Government


Executive Director

County Administrator

City Manager

Director, Communications

City Manager/Administrator

Chief of Police



VP of Service

Senior Director & VP of HR

Director of IT

Senior Director of Safety

Transportation Manager

Safety and Training Manager

Quality Manager

Medical Director

Manager, On Road Adjacent Markets

Project Managers

Manager of Payroll

Manager, Die Cast Plant

Director of Lean Manufacturing

Director of Distribution

Director of Sales

Director of Performance Assessment

Director, Flex Business Unit

Vice President of Quality

Director, Data Warehousing

Director, Manufacturing

Vice President of Procurement

Director, Engineering

Director, Research & Development

Vice President, Purchasing