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People who have worked with this architectural coatings formulation expert consultant solicit him for problem solving help and new ideas. They have learned to respect his success rate and trust his intuition. Julian is a hands-on materials guy who listens first and then leads by example.  An authentic technical leader with the proven ability to advance new coating ideas from concept through lab development and processing stages to successful commercialization.  He knows how product performance pleases both sales staff and their customers.  When the product always works, it’s easier to sell. 

When you have a coatings problem that your lab staff just can’t figure out, you give it to the guy who doesn’t recognize the impossible. That Schafer guy’s favorite projects are the complex ones he can get excited about, chew on for a while, ask a bunch of questions and then run with it.  With a lifetime of coatings experience, Julian knows what’s needed whether it’s in the lab, the meeting room, the plant or in the field.  You’re going to want him on your team.  


Areas of Technology Expertise 

  • Architectural Coatings Formulation – Acrylics and Vinyls from wall paint to waterproofing 
  • Industrial Coatings Formulation – Lacquers, Alkyds, Polyesters, Urethanes, Epoxies  
  • Reformulations – for VOC reduction, Cost reduction, Cure time and Performance Enhancement 
  • Troubleshooting Coating Problems – Included Testing, Diagnosis and Work-off planning 
  • Field/Site Inspections and Failure Analysis – Usually with Trip Reports, sometimes a trial witness 

Relevant Accomplishment 

  • Created line of low VOC water-reducible high performance furniture lacquers from novel water-reducible acrylic polymers. 
  • Developed seed coating polymers and formulations for thermally controlled germination.    
  • Invented patented cationic polymer for skin care (Polyquaternium 101) for Air Products (now Evonik) 
  • Invented patented low cost thermochromic indicator coatings now licensed to Temptime Corp. 
  • Created line of high-margin elastomeric coatings and sealants to outperform the private label source. 
  • Invented patented coating system to remove and renew finishes from vinyl flooring without the need for toxic chemical handling and disposal  

Teaching/Mentoring Roles 

  • Mentored at least 6 separate summer interns and trained them after hire in coatings formulation and emulsion polymer R&D techniques at lab scale. 
  • Reformulated a 2-part urethane liquid molding composition to shorten cure time from a hour to 10 minutes, sourced new raw materials, prepared new mixing and packaging protocols and followed up with training for the owner/client on how to implement the changes at his facility. 
  • Provided training in polymer processing and safety protocols to union plant workers and reactor operators working on the new polymer manufacturing equipment installed under his supervision.  
  • Prepared technology transfer protocol and trained a staff chemist from a small company who licensed  new photochromic polymer and coating technology so that he could acquire the equipment, set up the lab and operate the processes independently at his location and scale. 
  • Met regularly with a lab team of 6 chemist formulators, engineers and their supervisor from a large chemical company to develop a family of custom new skin care polymers under contract to meet their market requirements.  After project completion, jointly authored and filed patents, prepared technology transfer documents and trained 2 lab chemists how to reproduce the polymer process at their facility. 
  • Provided free consultation and formulation advice to laboratory staff at the polymer toll production site being used for planning, scale-up, supervision and testing of emulsion polymers he designed.  Remained the main contact for manufacture of new polymers at their facility over a period of 15 years after finding and creating this beneficial tolling relationship needed for commercialization. 
  • Did troubleshooting of a vinyl-acrylic polymer processing at a private plant in Mexico, found equipment flaws, directed the repair, designed reactor upgrades and tought a plant crew of 3 how to operate them. 

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