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Client Summary

I am an experienced materials science professional with strong expertise in functional glass and ceramics design and use. During my 20+ years of experience, I have demonstrated a unique ability to advance technologies from concept to commercialization either leading teams or driving the effort in a “hands-on” way. Whether managing the design and development of new glass and ceramic compositions for solar control automotive windows, leading the product and process feasibility demonstration of SDN (Solution Derived Nanocomposite) multilayer stacks technology for exceptional optical and reliable properties of solar panels or developing automotive products with acceptable by automotive glass standards (ANSI/SAE, ECER43, JIS), my passion for innovation and implementation is apparent. My unique balance of technical, quality assurance and customer service skills has built a track record of identifying opportunity and delivering differentiated commercial glass products that catalyze profitable sustainable growth. If you’re looking for an automotive glass manufacturing consultant, I can help you with my extensive experience and knowledge in the field.

Areas Of Glass Technology Expertise

• Glass and ceramic science and technology
• Optical filters by multilayer thin films
• Coated solar glass prototyping
• Wet deposition processes scale-up
• Automotive glass manufacturing
• Laminated glass defect solving
• Wet chemistry, dispersions, inks
• UV-curable coatings

Accomplishments in the Glass Industry

  • As the R&D Leader for Glass Company, I led the development and construction of a $3M Nanotechnology center aimed to Prototypes development using a unique experimental mini-float line (glass melting and forming 100ton/day vs standard 500 ton/day), to allow innovative glass composition development. As a result, we developed a proprietary solar control composition with UV and infrared blockage and applied a high abrasion hydrophobic coating, which was eventually scaled up industrially as an automotive easy-clean sidelite product;
  • As the technology leader of product development for ABC, I developed the competitive smart photochromic solar control prototype AdvenSol® (<$3/m2). and Impermion® prototype for Solar cell application by low cost wet coatings (<$1/m2). The Solar cell multifunctional technology was tuned to have not only a customized optical filtering aimed to maximize PV efficiency, but significantly improved a highly desirable mechanical and environmental resistance, critical to improve reliability and long-term performance. The prototype exceptional characteristics have been confirmed by major Solar cell player using following solar industry testings: Taber Abrasion, Sand Drop Abrasion, Chemical NaOH, Environmental Water Boiling, accelerated UV Exposure and anti-soiling Dry Dirt Test.

Roles in the Glass Manufacturing Industry

    • Specialist in automotive glass products and processes
    • Technical Consultant
    • Automotive glass manufacturing consultant


    • Chemistry
    • PhD Ceramic Engineering

Company / Glass Manufacturing Industry Experience

    • Glass manufacturer
    • Steel melt shop automation systems manufacturer
    • Startup technology developer

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