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This Consumer Goods Consultant has extensive marketing and general management expertise and consistently delivers significant sales revenue and EBITDA growth for Consumer Goods companies. They are recognized for developing effective growth strategies via new product innovation and brand building initiatives while maintaining full P&L accountability. This Consultant has deep knowledge of e-Commerce and retail sales channel optimization and pricing for profit across categories and channels. They successfully led both large business units and entrepreneurial teams/companies to scale-up revenue and profitability. They leveraged Spanish language fluency to drive profitable growth in Latin America for several companies. They are a collaborative leader with outstanding interpersonal and analytical skills capable of developing high performance teams to deliver breakthrough results.


  • Brand Creation and Revitalization
  •  Innovation / New Products / Consumer Insight  
  • Full P&L Accountability
  • Omni-channel Advertising and Social Media  
  • Retailer Channel Leadership
  • Amazon and E-commerce Sales  
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Home Improvement and Office Products  
  • Manufacturing / Supply Chain Optimization
  • Lean / Six Sigma, Kaizen, Process Improvement

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Company founder with client leadership responsibility for development of strategy and marketing growth plans for Consumer Goods brands and companies.  Core competencies include identification, development and execution of significant sales revenue and EBITDA growth initiatives for sustainable competitive advantage across both Retail and eCommerce channels.   
    • Created digital marketing plan leveraging search, email campaigns and social media to identify high potential prospects resulting in $25M annualized growth rate for financial services client. 
    •  Developed new product launch plan including marketing plan, brand positioning, pricing and distribution generating $15M in revenue for salsa and condiments client.  
  • Led a team of 50, with 5 direct reports, while holding full P&L responsibility across all products and functions for the startup operations of a premium lifestyle brand.   
    • Launched unprecedented number of new products across retail and eCommerce channels to drive $20M annualized revenue rate. 
    • Generated industry leading 1M+ Ignite Instagram followers in less than 6 months.  
  • P&L accountability for $300MM KILZ brand. Product lines include primers, paints and specialty coatings sold in home improvement retailers including The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace, True Value, Walmart and Amazon. Established brand vision and business growth strategy, recruited high potential talent and built organizational alignment across all functions.   
    • Drove $50M+ in incremental sales through a combination of new product / brand launches, customer and channel expansion and strengthened advertising and brand building initiatives.  
    • Developed KILZ brand vision and diversification growth strategy extending the brand from core primer category into paint and specialty products.  
    • Grew Walmart sales revenue $20M+ by introducing four new paint lines, and specialty and primer products.  
    • Honored by Ace Hardware as 2017 Innovation Partner of the Year for introducing new Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines paint line.    
    • Strategically partnered with Amazon to create on-line paint destination via introduction of KILZ Tribute Paint.  
    • Deployed Lean Sigma / Kaizen tools to create new capabilities that improved processes and eliminated waste.
  • Led P&L for $200MM Hispanic arm of McCormick’s Consumer Products Division that manufactures and distributes products under the McCormick and El Guapo brands for sale to Wal-Mart, supermarkets and convenience stores. Directed HR, Operations, Supply Chain, Finance, Marketing and Sales, including an extensive DSD network.    
  • Directed North American and Latin American sales and profit for $1B+ brand that includes labels, dividers, cards, binders and writing instruments.  Managed $100 million in marketing spend annually. Led 10 direct reports and a staff of 200 including all marketing areas, business development, and research and development.
    • Increased sales revenue by 11% and improved operating income by 18% through manufacturing productivity improvement, innovation, new category and channel growth, advertising and brand building initiatives.  
    • Developed a vision and growth strategy resulting in over $150 million in incremental sales through a combination of new product launches and existing product improvements protected via intellectual property. 
    • Leveraged 25M+ unique visitors to to create successful DTC business via consumer need profiles. 
    • Created and led a Research & Development function to source internal and external technologies.  
    • Honored with highly coveted Leadership Excellence Award for leading and implementing a corporate strategic marketing initiative designed to upgrade marketing talent and capability across all business units. 
  • Led sales for $1B global brand ranked in top five in Mars Inc. portfolio. Managed $100M in marketing spending including $28 million in award-winning advertising. Supervised 10 including brand marketing, new products and consumer insight teams.  Appointed interim General Manager of the Food Division for six months in 2001.    
  • P&L responsibility for $600M in revenue including $400M in seasonal sales across 14 brands including Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Turtles and Sweetarts as well as P&L responsibility for $200M Nestle Crunch flagship brand. 
    • Grew sales $35M (+11%) and profit by 6% through new product launches and new channel expansion. 
    • Led a seasonal profit improvement program that reduced costs by 8% and repatriated 16% of sales. 
  • Managed sales of $40M in six countries.  Created new management team and led two simultaneous acquisition integrations. Established business vision, long-term strategy, business plans and financial models. 
    • Increased sales threefold by creating a strategic portfolio of brands across each segment, launched competitive new products and revamped existing products while delivering a business model with 10% operating profit.   
    • Pioneered a new route-to-market initiative with six country heads that resulted in a new direct-store-delivery capability that increased account coverage by 77% and call frequency by 50%.   
    • Generated $20 million in incremental sales by leveraging Disney properties across all categories.  
  • Responsible for $200M Butterfinger brand strategy, sales and profit, marketing plan development and execution, advertising and new products.   
    • Grew sales by 21% and profit by 12% via new products, promotions and phenomenally successful advertising campaign featuring Bart Simpson: “Nobody Better Lay a Finger on My Butterfinger.”   
    • Generated $35M in incremental sales with successful launch of bite-size Butterfinger BBs. Honored in 1994 by Edison Best New Products Award for driving significant growth by creating an entirely new category format. 
  • Appointed to join a four-person team of high potential talent created by the CEO and charged with identifying and pursuing growth opportunities for the company.    
    • Gained CEO approval of business plan for acquiring Ortega brand to grow in Hispanic foods market. 
    • Increased company profit by $32M by optimizing product pricing and formats across all business units 
  • Part of a recently created division that generated a $250M business from scratch by pioneering the first nationally available refrigerated entrees.  Successful results achieved through a combined effort of new product introductions, distribution gains, effective pricing strategy, award-winning advertising and consumer/trade promotions. 


  • President
  • President – Ignite
  • General Manager – Diversified Channels
  • General Manager – Mojave Foods
  • Vice President of Marketing and Research & Development
  • Director of Marketing
  • Group Product Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Associate Brand Manager

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