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This Electromechanical and IOT expert can also operation as an Interim Chief Technologist can be described as an exceptional, collaborative, global technical leader, the real deal. Textbook execution beginning with customer discussions and field observations or conversations in the lab initiates a journey of possibilities toward breakthrough discoveries. With a stewardship approach of coalescing a team, company or individuals around questions can result in industry award winning, profitable business. Recently Mark commercialized a platform of products based on an emerging technology and supported by the development of an entire business ecosystem, including a global scientific research team of several academic thought leaders, opportunities to present at peer review conferences, published academic papers in peer-review journals, a domestic engineering team, application/issuance of a US Patent, industry equipment partners, potential licensing opportunities, and involvement in an international technology trade organization as well as participation in an ISO standards setting committee. Mark is a strong translator, guide, and inspirational leader dedicated to delivering a competitive advantage.


• Electrochemistry
• IoT, Internet of Things
• Nanotechnology
• Technology Development, TRL Process
• Intellectual Property Development
• Electro-mechanical Engineering
• Electronics Manufacturing
• Product Development
• Scientific Method
• CAD, Computer-aided Design
• SEM, Scanning Electron Microscopy
• PCB Assembly
• Global Manufacturing Techniques, Visits and Audits of 150+ Facilities
• Cellular Manufacturing
• Materials Development
• Material Science
• Polymer/Composite Compounding & Extrusion
• Injection Molding & Tooling
• Product Life Prediction, Reliability
• Chemical & Physical Analytical Techniques
• Ethnography
• Innovation
• Prototyping
• Technology Portfolio Management
• Program Management
• Hard & Soft Surface Cleaning
• Sustainability

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Transformed research in electrochemistry into commercialized award-winning product that revolutionized sustainable cleaning technology and positioned Tennant as an industry leader. Successfully managed entire product lifecycle, commercializing within four years, resulting in $150M of equipment sales annually;
  • Developed IoT advanced concept, indoor localization without infrastructure (beacons) including tool identification and pairing, combined with a tiered portal architecture, comprehensive back office and data analytics. Developed system and oversaw customer field testing in two use cases, patent pending. Created market forecasts, business plan and commercialization plan;
  • Focused on novel, advanced robotic concepts and custom RFID application based on customer needs and ethnographical research to expand product offerings in the industrial and commercial sectors resulting in an enriched pipeline with revenue forcasts in excess of $100M;
  • Developed and led 5-year R&D relationship with South Korean government sponsored technical facility in the areas of material science and composite materials development;
  • Served market leading consumer product clients for 15 years as a supply chain & consumer product design-cost consultant with independent product design reviews, product cost analyses, design for manufacturability recommendations, tooling recommendations, supplier recommendations, strategic operations consulting and on-site supplier audits. Performed on an after hours, freelance basis to complement client in-house capability;
  • Led domestic development of cellular manufacturing process for a complex electro-mechanical system which was then transferred to Central America and APAC for production. Included all process development, component revisions, manufacturing documentation and supplier audits. Three year program averaging 25,000 systems weekly;
  • Presented at 9 Peer-reviewed, Global Technical Conferences in regards to Technology Commercializaiton, System Reliability, Sustainability, Polymer Develepment and Commercial Cleaning.


    • Chief Technologist
    • Innovation Director
    • Business Development Leader
    • Program Manager
    • Engineering Manager
    • Engineer – Quality, Manufacturing, Design

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