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This Fire Protection Consultant is currently working as a Senior Fire Protection Engineer at Fire & Risk Alliance LLC, based in the Washington DC area. They are involved in performance-based design, dust hazard analyses, and fire modeling projects. They hold a Master of Science degree in Fire Protection Engineering from the University of Maryland. With over 5 years of experience as a Fire Protection Engineer in the UAE and the US, they have handled major projects with a cumulative Scope-of-Works value of over $9 million.

Their core skills include Code Consulting for IBC, NFPA, FM, and Government Agencies’ Specific Codes (e.g., UFC), Life Safety Design, and Fire Protection Systems Design. They were involved in a thesis-based research project at UL FSRI, working on a National Institute of Justice (DOJ) funded project for the development of a thermo-physical properties database to aid in Fire Investigations and Computational Fire Modeling. They are skilled in Pathfinder for egress modeling; Pyrosim, FDS, CFAST for Computational Fire Modeling; and CONTAM for Stairwell Pressurization. They are also proficient in design software such as AutoHYENA, Canute, and Pipenet for hydraulic calculations; AutoCAD and REVIT for design modeling; and Primavera P6 for Project Management.

This consultant has experience in team management within the FPE industry and in motorsports, with marshaling experiences in Formula 1 and MotoGP internationally. They believe that anything can be learned with a strong will, and success can be achieved through perseverance and hard work.


  • Code Consulting
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Applied Mechanics
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Automotive
  • C++ Language
  • Matlab
  • PERT
  • Design Engineering
  • Product Design

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Performance Based Design for facilities using engineering analyses tools such as Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS), CONTAM, and egress hand calculations. 
  • Risk assessment, ventilation & thermal analyses of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), by developing battery gas fuel chemistry, HRR curves, and engineering spreadsheet calculations for inputs to FDS models.
  • Dust hazard analyses (DHAs) for industrial facilities dealing in fine chemical dust processes. Deflagration analyses and deflagration vent sizing using spreadsheets based on NFPA68 guidelines. 
  • Existing fire protection system inspections to identify gaps and recommend solutions based on IBC, NFPA, and city codes.
  • Worked as a volunteer research assistant for the Burning Rate Emulator research projects being carried out at the International Space Station, funded by NASA, under Dr. Peter Sunderland in his research team. 
  • Code consulted for Industrial and Military Projects based on IBC, IFC, UFC, GSA, State codes and NFPA 
  • Life Safety Design and Fire Protection System Design for Facilities. 
  • Skilled in HASS for hydraulic calculations and REVIT modeling of Fire Protection Systems.
  • Reviewed tender documents, conducted site surveys, and technical meetings with parties concerning the tender, prepared and reviewed scopes, and prepared technical proposals. Cross-functional team association in assisting sales & business development teams to acquire new business revenue for the firm. 
  • Designed systems as per NFPA, UAE Civil Defence, Abu Dhabi IBC, FM, UFC, etc. Prepared designs of Fire Protection systems for facilities ranging from Oil & Gas, Industrial, and Commercial to specialized protection systems for Aircraft Hangers, Dairy factories, Power Stations, Data Centers, etc. 
  • Designed fire protection systems including Sprinkler Systems, Standpipe & Hydrant Systems, Medium & High-Velocity Water Spray Systems, Deluge Systems, Pre-Action Systems & Foam Systems, and Gas & Chemical Based Systems like Novec1230, FM200, Inergen & CO2 Systems. Skilled in Canute, AutoHYENA, and Pipenet hydraulic calculation software. 
  • Conducted cost-benefit analyses and value engineering for proposed systems. Developed work schedules and ensured adherence at all levels of project execution. Interacted and liaised with clients, consultants, contractors, AHJ, and third-party firms. Resolved critical design issues at the site, and assisted the site engineers in technical meetings and discussions. 
  • As a licensed race official by IMMC, carry out marshaling and new marshal training at The Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida for various Motorsport events being held there. 
  • Worked in the maintenance department of the company. Learned about the Engine, Drive train and Suspension systems present in the automobiles with their functioning methodology and provided creative maintenance and safe working practices. 
  • Learned about the Refrigeration Controllers, Air Conditioning Controllers, Domestic Appliances and Industrial Controls that are used in various industries, and are manufactured at the organization factory. Provided, in a report, methodology for increasing the productivity and safety in the production area. 
  • Working with a team of 3 members for successfully hosting the Indian GP 2012 & 2013. Lead 2 intervention Marshals at an Intervention Post at The Buddh International Circuit, and constantly in radio contact with race control to monitor on track activities during the race. 
  • Intervention Marshal at other National & International Races at The Buddh International Circuit, Noida.
  • Worked in AIESEC Delhi University, a local committee under AIESEC India a Member Committee of AIESEC International, responsible for setting up of new local committees in and around Delhi-NCR.


  • Fire Protection Consultant
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Graduate Research Assistant
  • Master’s Student (Research) – UL FSRI
  • Intern – Fire Protection Engineering
  • Design Engineer
  • Race Official
  • Summer Intern – Arshia Motors
  • Summer Intern – Indfos Industries Private Limited

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