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This Hazardous Materials Consultant has 35+ years of Environmental, Safety & Health Competency experience, the last 28 years at DuPont in various EHS roles. They have worked in Chemical Manufacturing Plants, Regional and Global Corporate EHS roles. Specialist in EHS Management Systems (ISO 14001 and ACC RCMS program), and 2nd Party Environmental Audits; have led and conducted over 120+ Environmental Audits through out my career. This Hazardous Materials Consultant has all aspects of EHS/SHE competency issues, with proficiency in all environmental issues relative to air, waste & water. They are currently assigned as a Global Internal EHS Auditor. 


  • Conference Speaking
  • Safety Management Systems 
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Industrial Safety
  • RCMS
  • Process Safety 
  • Environmental Auditing
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Construction Safety 

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Environmental Auditing & Consulting for DuPont’s Global & Regional (US & Canadian) Manufacturing Sites. Includes Air, Waste & Water Permitting assistance and Corporate initiative programs. Regional Leader for the DuPont ISO 14001 and RCMS Management Systems programs. Lead the Corporate 2nd Party Environmental Audit system. Conduct Phase 1 and property environmental assessments for acquisitions and divestitures, conduct Contract Manufacturing EHS/SHE Audits for various DuPont Businesses. Proficient in California Environmental Regulations. 
  • Manager for new DuPont acquisition (EKC Technology) in Hayward, CA. Duties included managing site Safety, Health & Environmental Programs, BAAQMD Permits, HMBP, Proposition 65, CUPA interactions, Industrial Hygiene Monitoring, SB14 Waste Minimization Plan, Cal-OSHA, IIPP Plan, NPDES Permits, Toller SHE Audits and site ISO 14001 Program 
  • Site Environmental Engineer for DuPont Automotive Products Plant (paint, resin, latex & ink production). Total plant environmental responsibilities; Developed and implemented the site’s 1400 page Iowa Title V Clean Air Act Operating Permit Application. Handled the RCRA Corrective Action Site Cleanup Activities in accordance with the site’s TSDF RCRA Part B Permit. Handle all site SARA Title III activities (Sections 311/312/313). DuPont Corporate Environmental Auditing team that performs audits at other DuPont sites and external waste facilities. Created a “Wildlife Habitat Area” on 40 acres of site property and received national certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council in 1998. Created Waste Minimization Projects that save the company over $500,000 annually. Two time winner of Iowa Governors Waste Reduction Award. Winner of EPA Region 7 Waste Reduction Award 
  • Monitored developments in Federal, State, and Local environmental and industrial hygiene regulations for 20 plants in 11 different states. Coordinated all corporate environmental efforts. Conducted training in the areas of EPA mandated hazardous material handler training and SARA Title III. Involved in 3 SUPERFUND site cleanups, 2 uncontrolled hazardous waste sites, and actively served on allocations and technical committees. Supervised and managed underground storage tank removal projects in 5 different states. Pre-Lease/Pre-Purchase Environmental property site investigation assessment of four different sites, Corporate Environmental Auditor. 
  • Various EHS roles at three different Chevron Fertilizer Division (Anhydrous Ammonia, Nitric Acid) Sites from 1985 to 1989. Locations in Fort Madison, Iowa (Environmental Health and Safety Technician), Kennewick, Washington (Plant Environmental Engineer) and Richmond, California (Health & Safety Engineer): Duties included safety program, OSHA hazard communication code training, hazardous material training, site security responsibility, industrial hygiene coordinator, community awareness and emergency response (CAER) coordinator, Prop 65, Environmental compliance program, NPDES permit responsibility, material safety data sheet responsibility, plant industrial hygienist 


  • EHS Specialist/Engineer
  • Corporate Environmental Coordinater
  • Safety, Health, and Environmental Manager
  • Site Environmental Engineer
  • Global Environmental Auditor and Competency Consultant
  • Environmental ISO 14001 Consultant

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