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This high performance technology consultant is a seasoned higher education senior executive leading the design, development, and implementation of high-performance technology solutions to meet the strategic and challenging constituent needs within the higher education sector.  Extensive expertise in the development and execution of technology strategies, financial & budget planning, vendor management, agile project development, audit / compliance & security, data analytics, and process & performance improvement. 


  • Agile Project management of multiple implementations of Banner ERP system. 
  • Reengineering of Technology to increase redundancy and reduce on premise data center need. 
  • System Design 
  • Business Continuity Planning 
  • Migration & Integration Projects 
  • Resource / Asset Management 
  • Data Analytics & Warehousing 
  • Data / Cyber Security (HIPAA, SOX, HEDIS, PCI) 
  • Implementation of multiple learning management systems (Blackboard Canvas) 
  • Disaster Recovery Strategy 

Relevant Accomplishments 

  • Developed and executed a comprehensive technical strategy to enable the organization’s restructuring of a fragmented service units.  The successfully executed strategy included: 
  • Migration of critical applications to cloud resulting in high availability and skilled technical support for e-mail, BANNER Oracle Databases, and Blackboard/Canvas learning management systems.  
  • Enabled the institution to focus on customer service as opposed to tied up with technical issues  
  • Collaborated with the 15 sister institutions with in UNC System and established a UNC Cloud to host BANNER and provide shared database and system services to all UNC institutions. The shared cloud service included hosting of BANNER, Server infrastructure for other auxiliary applications, System management services, more importantly, 24 X 7 redundancy of all hosted applications.  
  • Developed and implemented a SLA (Service Level Agreement) for the campus along with a list of service IT services inventory.  
  • Worked with the Chancellor’s cabinet to design, fund, and execute technologies to enable fully online education and remote work of faculty and staff for close to two years during pandemic.  
  • Completed a helpdesk deployment on premise as outsourced contract ended.  Analysis indicated the outsourced operation didn’t’ serve the campus as needed and it was time to bring it on campus. This included implementing a call center software as well as adding additional staffing to support the campus.  
  • Completed ISO 27002 Security GAP analysis and drafted the necessary policies to meet ISO27002 standards as that was also state audit requirement.  
  • Assessed all vendor relationships (platform support, VOIP telephonic infrastructure, software licensing, hardware purchasing) for quality and value. Improved or replaced those identified as sub-par.; 
  • Replaced an aged NORTEL telephone switch system with a modern Mitel VOIP system that was cloud-based with a cost savings of $150K a year.   
  • Conceptualized and directed the IT analysis, design, and full-cycle development of several critical data warehouse projects necessitated by the system office for better reporting.   


  • CTO / CIO Consulting 
  • Interim CTO 

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