Interim VP of R&D – Chemical Coating Industry

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This Interim VP of R&D-Chemical Coating Industry is a trusted, authentic technical leader with a unique ability to advance technologies from concept to commercialization either leading teams or driving the efforts in “hands-on” way. Whether managing the design and deployment of chemical kinetics, selecting raw materials and supply strategy, leading the Technology Platform Design (TPD) and product portfolio Development (PPD) and transitions to production of state-of-the-art technology, turning around a troubled integrated manufacturing process technology program, or heading up and creating a new thermal management business unit generating explosive profitable growth, his passion for innovation is apparent. His unique balance of technical, operational and financial savvy has built a track record of identifying opportunities and delivering differentiated products that catalyze profitable growth. He knows what it takes to develop and deploy a producible and supportable capability and deliver sustainable competitive advantage.



  • Adhesives and coatings
  • Cure Kinetics of various chemistries
  • Designing and formulating reaction mechanisms
  • Concept to commercialization expert
  • Numerous coating and manufacturing processes technologies
  • TQM – quality management
  • Six sigma lean methodologies
  • Structure-property relationships
  • Raw material and supply
  • Epoxy, silicone, polyurethane, Polyesters, Polyol chemistries
  • Technology and business management


Relevant Accomplishments

  • Developed and implemented a customer-driven, technology platform strategy centered around a new product portfolio and revenue growth: Optical coatings, conformal coatings, and adhesives coatings; thermal management business unit with top-line growth from $35M to $55M, doubling operating margin percentage and increasing cash flow;
  • Turned around troubled EES business unit and deployment program reinvigorating customer relationships, and saving millions in development close-out costs;
  • Created a new product and technology development directorate for high thermal conductivity Delivered 3 generations of products and upgrades (optoelectronics and lighting market capitalization) spurring the new line of business to more than $15M per year;
  • Led technology, new products, coating, and manufacturing ecosystem design and development through transition to production of the first injectable gap filler for solid-state Li-ion and prismatic cell packaging that has never existed before.
  • Led development and deployment of 500-gallon mixing capability turning manufacturing nightmare to ambitious six sigma process flow eliminating 3rd shift all together significantly increasing the bottom line
  • Supported corporate strategy group technology conversion initiatives to create a path toward $100M company
  • ~ Expanded Koppers from $1bn to $2bn in 3 years via a series of initiatives including a new supply agreement, entering new markets, increasing market footprint, introducing a new product portfolio, pricing strategy, and manufacturing capabilities ~
  • ~ Led Kopper’s global engineering and R&D teams to create new and more effective waterborne treating agentsdevelopingnt of an H2 fuel cell cathode plate with doubled power density industry-wide and prismatic cell attachments ~
  • ~ Spearheaded design and deployment of a real-time customer feedback system which reduced service issues by 75% ~
  • ~ Established 2 new product and technology platforms projecting $200m for Novagard, a $30m manufacturing firm ~



  • Chief Engineer, R&D, and commercial operations
  • Chief Scientist, R&D, and Global technical operations
  • Senior Director: R&D, new product, technology, and global technical operations
  • Program Manager R&D- new technology, product, and commercialization
  • Senior Material Scientist: R&D Advanced Technology and Development Center
  • Research Chemist, R&D, coatings and encapsulation, Adhesives technology center


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