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Ron is a highly accomplished manufacturing operations executive with over 20 years of progressive leadership experience, predominantly in discrete manufacturing of industrial capital goods for domestic and international markets. He has vast experience overseeing multi-site and multi-disciplinary teams, including Sales, Engineering, R&D, Purchasing & Supply Chain, Production, Inventory, and Quality Assurance. He backs himself in building high performance teams with diverse competencies. He is a transformational leader who has disrupted conventional thinking to drive up profits and achieve best-in-class status measured for customer success, speed, and cost. Through a commonsense approach as well as by leveraging concepts from Toyota Production System, EOS, Lean, Six Sigma, TOC, 80/20 and related management tools, Rohith has gained expertise in rapidly and systematically solving problems, managing crisis, and effecting continuous improvement.

• 20+ yrs. of operations and change management exp.
• Establishing domestic and global supply chains
• Leading start-up and turnaround successes
• Quality Mgmt System & ISO 9001 expertise
• BS Mechanical & MS Industrial Engineering
• Ethical leader with highest integrity and acumen
• Metal stamping, machining, and OEM experience in commercial, automotive, aerospace, energy, and captive markets

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Expertise in developing scalable and sustainable systems for discrete manufacturing enterprises
    • At Professional Power Products, increased capacity 400% in under 4 years to match sales growth
    • At Ipsen, doubled capacity to match topline growth, compounding at 8% annually over 10 years
  • Over 40 management consulting engagements with manufacturing organizations helping streamline operations, reduce cost, and improve throughput. Quantified savings >$7MM in operating expense
  • Responsible for North American manufacturing operations at Ipsen, encompassing 3 sites, 300 people and $100MM in annual sales.
  • Championed business turn-around of an under-performing unit into a center of excellence, achieving 95% on-time deliveries (up from 33%), and 42% gross margin (up from 25%)
  • 25% improvement to EBITDA catalyzed from launch of operational excellence “OpEx” team
    • Negotiated cost reductions from offshoring and expanding supply chains to Europe, Eastern Europe, and South/South-East Asia
    • Outsourced specialized processes to local/domestic vendor base
    • Introduced structured problem solving (“A3 Thinking”) to reduce warranty costs by 30%
    • Reduce waste in manufacturing, dramatically improving cycle times
    • ERP upgrade and improved traction from core users


    • Research Engineer and Team Leader
    • Operations Manager
    • Site Manager & Business Unit Head
    • Director of Operations
    • Chief Operating Officer
    • Founder & CEO


    • Master’s in Industrial & Systems Engineering
    • Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering
    • Certified Internal Auditor, ISO9001:2015
    • Certified Energy Auditor (Industrial energy and productivity assessments)
    • Certifications in Finance & Accounting, Safety, OSHA
    • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt – In progress

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