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This medical oncologist expert has a robust experience in cancer program design, strategy and operations, with expertise in the oncology/pharmacy interface, as well as high-value cancer care delivery, particularly involving antineoplastic drug management and implementation of value-based practice in radiation oncology. He has led several cancer facility design initiatives, most prominently the design, construction, and operation of a Center for Cancer Care, which opened in 2014. An accomplished medical oncologist and physician executive, his interests include medical management topics, cancer patient supportive care, and informatics in cancer management. His clinical practice has focused on head and neck, thoracic oncology, and unusual tumors.



  • 30+ years in medical oncology practice
  • 25 years of cancer program physician executive experience, both strategy and operations
  • Widely published in oncology clinical trials, supportive care topics, and oncology informatics
  • Considerable expertise in DSP/340B pharmacy issues
  • Experience in leading, and participating, in facility development/design/rollout and operations teams
  • Experienced in cancer clinical trial authoring and management
  • Experienced in hospital-based cancer programs, including management of satellite facilities
  • Experience in management of integrated comprehensive breast programs
  • Experienced in implementing supportive care management in cancer across multiple hospitals
  • Certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the American Board of Internal Medicine in internal medicine and medical oncology


Relevant Accomplishments

  • Served as clinical leader of cancer services; implemented a relevant strategy that increased market share from 15% of hematology oncology in western Massachusetts to almost 70%, and led radiation oncology to be the dominant program in the region, and the only one providing stereotactic body radiotherapy as well as high dose-rate and surface brachytherapy
  • Led the design/construction/operations team for the development and implementation of a Center for Cancer Care, a 65,000 sq ft facility costing $38M with unique clinical integration, opened on time and on budget 2004
  • Let the design and operations team for the redevelopment of the oncology unit to account for growing volumes
  • Has led teams in the replacement of linear accelerators, three times.
  • Developed an interdisciplinary supportive care clinic for patients receiving concurrent chemoradiation for head and neck malignancies, as well as anorectal cancers, significantly reducing hospitalizations while achieving almost universal on-time radiation completion rates. Expanded services to patients with complex end-of-life issues, in partnership with Baystate Hospice and Home Care.
  • Developed quality assessment programs to ensure compliance with key process and outcome metrics; participated in ASCO’s QOPI program, with the cancer program becoming the first certified in Massachusetts, with high certification scores
  • Participates with physician/hospital organization, focused on managing cancer cost and quality for their Medicaid and NextGen Medicare ACO’s. Cost of Part B drugs per member per month for NextGen ACO is second lowest for all NextGen ACO’s, largely driven by oncology-based agents. Data from Sg2 suggests that Baystate’s cancer program is responsible for approximately 28% of oncology drug costs.
  • Developed a sickle cell day hospital program that reduced red cell disorder DGR days/year
  • Reduced inpatient oncology volume at Harper Hospital by 65% through expansion of outpatient chemotherapy services
  • Standardized antiemetic management reducing costs and increasing compliance with international guidelines.



  • Vice President and Medical Director
  • Chief, Division of Hematology Oncology
  • Medical Director, Cancer Services
  • Professor
  • Associate Professor of Medicine, Hematology Oncology, Wayne Statre University
  • Director, Quality Assurance, Cancer Institute
  • Medical Coordinator, Clinical Research Programme, Department of Biometry and Outcome Measurement



  • Chemistry Honors Program
  • D.
  • S.B.A.
  • American Board of Internal Medicine


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