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This expert consultant is a passionate and innovative leader with over 25 years pharmaceutical management experience with a strong focus on customers and achieving objectives. Presently, he works as an engaged business consultant who leverages experience and training to improve my client’s business bottom line. This pharmaceutical compliance expert possesses extensive experience directing business operations, budgeting, forecasting, designing workflows, vendor management, contracting, negotiating, staffing and employee training and development Specific experience.


  • Utilizing LEAN Six Sigma methodology to eliminated waste, increase efficiency and boost effectiveness.
  • Assisting organizations with pharmaceutical compliance consulting and Prescription Drug Marketing Act
    (PDMA) certification and employee training
  • Successfully implement change management for individuals, teams, and organizations.
  • Delivering results by leading teams and coaching for optimal performance.
  • Working productively in large corporate, small business and government sector.
  •  Applies business acumen and working knowledge to guide and support client’s decision making.

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Subject matter expert in pharma strategy, sampling, co-pay solutions, supply chain, medication adherence and compliance. Skilled in leading change management and Kaizen events to improve customer outcomes.
  • Collaborated with Marketing and Sales leaders to execute complex customer facing programs including aspects of policy, compliance, fair market value considerations and state gift law oversight.
  • Directed team of Auditors and ensured compliance with FDA, DEA, PDMA Federal regulations and State laws.
  • Designed and launched chronic care co-pay coupon programs realizing 10M patient redemptions with positive ROI. Developed training and informational materials for physicians and patients.
  • Responsible for the execution of complex nationwide sample supply chain serving 300K Physicians and & 5000 Sales Representatives.
  • Responsible for delivering thoughtful recommendations to the “C”-Suite based on data and aligned to strategy.
  • Accountable for over $230M in annual expenses. Successfully organized and lead cross functional in negotiating multi-year $1B contract.
  • Lead team that developed an allocation algorithm that reduced returns by $12M over 3 years.
  • Leveraged Delaware zero sales tax status resulting in $2M annual savings and increased financial efficiency. Implemented impactful quality changes to processes.
  • PM360 Magazine 2018 Elite Transformational Leader Award


  • President, Bottom Line Sigma, LLC
  • Director, Population Health, Merck & Co. Inc. Pharma
  • Director, Marketing Operations, Merck & Co. Inc. Pharma
  • Director, Strategic Savings, Merck & Co. Inc. Pharma
  • Associate Director, Promotional Fulfillment, Merck & Co. Inc. Pharma
  • Sr. Manager Compliance and Accoubtability, Merck & Co. Inc. Pharma
  • Department Head, Materials Management, Merck & Co. Inc. Pharma

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