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This Polymer Consultant is an Experienced Materials Research Director with 20+ years of experience creating materials laboratories, recruiting scientific talent and enhancing product quality. They established a $600K+ lab, driving innovation in materials science, resulting in enhanced product quality and new market potentials exceeding $5-50M+. They are adept in IP strategy, Lean methodology, cost-efficient sourcing, and cross-functional collaboration. Continually recognized for delivering exceptional results leading in fast-paced, dynamic research and development environments. Their most recent endeavors have involved working with a small companies to develop a real, structured Research and Development program, including budget development, building and equipping laboratories, hiring personnel, setting up procedures and programs for portfolio and project management, development of new products, and aiding the sales force in implementation of new product lines. Their Areas of Expertise Include: Materials R&D Laboratory Management IP Strategy Project Management Materials Testing and Analysis Technical Training Polymer Formulation and Processing and Synthesis Patent Development Market Assessment Chemical Inventory Composites and Nano composites All MS Office products. 


  • 20 years of experience creating materials laboratories
  • Polymer Formulation, Processing, and Synthesis
  • IP Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Developed structured Research and Development programs
  • Product Development and Sales Support
  • Proficiency in all MS Office products

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Build and develop a Materials Science Research Program and conduct research on hyperelastic polymers for the comfort products industry.  
  • Research in Thermoplastic elastomers for use in gel formulations.   
    Includes building, equipping, hiring staff and operations of a new Materials research laboratory.  
  • Approximate budget oversight of >$300K and supervision of 2-3 people.  
  • Development of Portfolio management documents for research.  
  • Development of Chemical Hygiene Plan for Research Labs.  
  • Development of entry level staff. Oversight of chemical formulating and testing labs and data review.
  • Consultant for various polymer and additive manufacturers, including the Organic Peroxide market, medical device shielding, epoxy countertop coatings, and marketing studies in various areas.  
    Areas of expertise are: 
    • Radical Polymerization Chemistry  
    • Thermoset Composites for structural applications  
    • Various composite processes including Filament Winding, RTM, compression molding (bulk and sheet compounds), Pultrusion, epoxy tape manufacture and lay-up processes, and vacuum infusion.
  • Completed design, build, instrumentation and commissioning of new research laboratory for the company within the $200K budget and in a 5 month timeframe.   
  • Created portfolio and project management systems for the Research Function, based on current management standards.   
    Development of yearly budgets (average of $250K per year), supervision of scientific personnel, and management of project goals and timelines.   
  • Managed the research and development of large thickness acrylic cell cast sheet (2″ through 30″ thickness) and rotational casting of clear acrylic tubes up to 96″ in diameter.   
  • Negotiated research and testing contracts with outside testing facilities conducting failure analysis and advanced research on product liability determination to adhere to budget and time considerations.   
  • Negotiated and worked with toll manufacturers on scale-up projects in the $50-100K scope to enhance internal process development efforts.  
  • Led research activities including the improvement of the acrylic cell casting process, adhesive bonding, flame retardancy, mechanical properties determination and architectural water markets with 1 patent application and a potential market of $5-$10M. 
  • Developed a series of Controlled Radical Polymerization additives used to modify thermoset resin cures that delivered up to $1.0M in potential sales, including customer visits, plant startups and trade shows for development of new business.   
  • Led customer trials on new product introductions for Organic Peroxides and performed technical consulting that increased customer sales and growth by $2-10M.   
  • Developed new acrylic capstocking materials for pultruded window lineals in conjunction with other business units Leading to $1-2 million in additional sales.   
  • Developed the applications for a series of CRP-based toughening agents for unsaturated polyester and epoxy resins with a potential of $4 million in additional sales.   
  • Created radical initiation systems for pultrusion, vacuum infusion, resin transfer molding, compression molding, filament winding and closed cavity bag molding composites. Potential sales of $1-2 million.   
  • Performed wide-ranging training and consulting for technical development of new sales force that drove increases in both individual and team performance.   
  • Collaborated with corporate research group on the development of applications for multi-walled carbon nanotubes in UPR composites. 


  • Research Manager – Materials Science
  • Polymer Consultant
  • Director Research and Development
  • Sr. Applications Engineer – Applications Research and Technical Service

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