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This expert is an experienced Senior Project Manager with over 10 years in the medical device industry and a formal medical education from the University of Michigan Medical School. A skilled communicator, she is described as a respected, optimistic, and influential leader by her colleagues. She easily forges relationships and has been repeatedly recognized for her exceptional emotional intelligence (EQ) which has enabled her to build resilient, high-performing teams at Stryker (Orthopedic) Instruments, Terumo Cardiovascular, and Cook Medical, even remotely. This r&d project manager has a proven track record for recovering delayed projects and struggling portfolios is something that has made her the go-to person to consult in every project management role she has held. While others are often discouraged by problems within projects and/or systems, this r&d project manager is motivated, excited even, to optimize and implement improvements which drive and deliver results. Her technical background, extensive experience, education, and innate abilities allow her to dig deep into the details of an individual project to find solutions as well as broadly identify business areas of opportunity to improve on-time delivery, decrease project cycle times and increase overall throughput throughout the entire project portfolio.


  • Medical Device Design Controls
  • Device History File (DHF)
  • Team Building
  • Leadership & Influence
  • Communication & Alignment
  • Executive Presentations
  • Portfolio Prioritization & Optimization
  • Resource Maximization & Optimization
  • New Product Development (NPD) Design Integration
  • Maximizing Project Throughput
  • Decreasing Standard Project Cycle Times
  • Business Process Development
  • Product & Cycle Time Excellence (PACE)
  • Change Management
  • Process Improvements (Identify & Implement)
  • Project Management Information Systems (PMIS)
  • Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)
  • Waterfall Project Management
  • Agile Project Management
  • Supplier Controls & Contracts
  • Quality Systems & FDA Regulations
  • Developing Tools for Tracking Metrics
  • Budgets
  • Trade-off Decisions
  • Risk Management
  • Project Recovery (Buffer Recovery)
  • Training Development & Delivery

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Optimized and managed project portfolio for entire site (cardiovascular capital equipment) reducing cycle-time by 50%, increasing throughput by over 25%, and improved and maintined on-time delivery (OTD) to greater than 90%, all while improving project quality and risk;
  • Developed compliant program and project templates for from Concept Phase through Product Launch leading to a 50% decrease in planning time, improved resource utilization models and increased predictability;
  • Managed and optimized project pipeline based on resource consraints and business needs for greater focus on business priorities and increased transparency;
  • Implemented Product and Cycle-Time Excellence (PACE) process to allow for scaleability in the NPD
    process, ensuring revenue and resources were allocated to best-fit business goals;
  • Recovered over 40 different project schedules to complete within required timelines and meet business needs;
  • Maintained the highest level of project quality, quanitifed by established metrics;


  • Consultant, R&D Project Manager, Cardiovsacular Implants (58 total devices)
  • Sr. Project Manager, Cardiovascular Capital Devices
  • Interim Manager, PMO
  • Project Manager, Cardiovascular Capital Devices
  • Associate Project Manager, Cardiovascular Capital Devices & Orthopedic Instruments
  • Project Associate, Orthopedic Instruments

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