Interim Plant Managers

Two engineers in hard hats inspecting equipment at an electrical substation, one pointing upwards towards the structure as part of their interim plant management duties.

Interim Plant Managers – can improve operations and plant performance dramatically

When an existing plant manager transitions out of a role it creates an opportunity to not only fill the gap left by the previous plant manager but fill it quickly with an interim plant manager that has the necessary skills and experience to dramatically improve performance.  The new perspective that the interim plant manager brings to operational management and new management tools can quickly change performance.  Many of our clients have benefited from using our Interim Plant Managers for:

  • Filling the leadership hole immediately
  • Driving key cost and productivity initiatives to improve performance
  • Creating tighter linkage cross-functionally with sales, supply-chain and R&D
  • Hiring the interim plant manager after the interim gig or having the interim plant manager help to select the future plant manager

Interim Plant Manager Case Study

M&A’s client was a established but early stage chemical plant was having difficulty with producing their end product in a cost-effective manner.  The existing chemical plant manager lacked the necessary engineering skills to help the team in a hands-on way.  Within 2 days we provided the organization 3 interim plant manager candidates that had exceptional “hands-on” engineering skills with experience in chemical manufacturing plants.  Over the course of 6 months they focused on increasing reliability, quality, general maintenance and continuous improvement and increased production by 78%.

Request for Interim Plant Manager

Let us know how we can help you with your Interim Plant Manager recruiting and talent needs and our Executive Search team will follow up with you promptly.

At M&A Executive Search & Consulting we have an extensive network of interim operational experts and help clients engage the right interim plant manager who has the right industry, manufacturing process experience, and manufacturing issue area expertise that your organization needs.  Our Interim Plant Managers can quickly provide answers and leadership in the following areas:

  • Workflow optimization and redesign
  • Employee training / hiring
  • Establishing standards for preventative maintenance
  • Reducing material waste
  • Automating the supply chain
  • Improve process though technology enablement
  • Optimize inventory
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Enable the operators for continuous improvement
  • Introduce robotic process automation
  • Change factory floor layout
  • Improve safety procedures and training and reduce injuries
  • Improve and automate production scheduling


The following is an example Interim Plant Manager from M&A’s network:

Candy Manufacturing Interim Plant Manager