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M&A Executive Search conducts local, national, and international retained searches from director to “C” suite levels. Your searches will be handled by a senior partner with extensive experience in your industry.

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Retained Executive Search Form

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Is your situation right for conducting a retained search?

  • Is the position a critical position for the company where hiring the right person will make a difference in performance?
  • Do you need to hire an individual who fits the culture of your organization?
  • Would you like to make sure that you are proactively attracting the best passive candidates who are not actively reviewing job opportunities but would be willing to make a move for the right opportunity?
  • Do you want to find the best candidate, not just the first qualified candidate?
  • Do you need support with proven tools and techniques to first make sure the candidate is a fit for your organization and then that they are properly integrated into your organization?
  • Do you want committed support and a guarantee that the hired candidate will be successful because the cost of an unsuccessful hire is high?

Step 2:
How a retained search can help

  • The retained search process starts with M&A immersing itself in your organization to understand the structure and culture of your organization and the nuances / expectations of the position and culminates in helping to define the key criteria for the candidate and what makes the role a compelling opportunity.
  • Our retained search process typically includes identifying more than 150 prospects, interviewing 30 to 40 and developing a final slate of 3 to 5 top candidates.  The profitable search process attracts both passive and active candidates and helps clients find the best candidate – not the first.
  • M&A has a proprietary culture assessment technique that can early in the process evaluate the fit of candidates for your organization insuring that the top 3-5 candidates have the necessary competencies but, are also a cultural fit for the company.
  • We have a 97% success rate and guarantee our work with a 1 year guarantee.  M&A is highly focused on finding the candidate that will provide long-term value.
  • We provide executive integration services for up to a year following a placement to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Once you initiate a retained search you can rest assured that you will have the best candidate available hired quickly