Candy Manufacturing Expert

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Candy Manufacturing Expert

Candidate Summary

As a seasoned Candy Manufacturing Expert, with over 30 years in the food industry, I'm a professional with a rich background in both baked goods and confectioneries. My expertise shines in candy manufacturing, where I've led as a plant manager, demonstrating a deep understanding of operational efficiency and success strategies. Known for being a dynamic change agent in the industry, I'm a candy manufacturing expert who has successfully led numerous candy factories, achieving significant cost reductions, enhancing throughput, elevating safety performance, and skillfully navigating regulatory and auditing challenges. My extensive experience in facility turnaround initiatives, either as the champion or a dedicated facility resource, ensures that projects stay on track and deliver results.

Candy Expert Highlights 

  • 30+ years of experience
  • Expert in efficiency and throughput improvements
  • Expert in down-time and change time reductions
  • Experience in multiple gummy and confection products
  • Over 30 AIB inspections, all excellent or above
  • 3 Consecutive Superior AIB Ratings
  • Production part planning expertise
  • Moguls

Accomplishments as a Candy Manufacturing Expert

  • Doubled Plant output in the first 4 months of a recent consulting assignment.
  • Changed the fiscal direction of a confection facility from a 7 figure loss to break even.
  • Led a major project to install, commission, and scale up a new automated line to introduce a new product category to the factory.
  • Drove culture changes to shift a plant from private ownership to corporate culture.
  • Improved plant performance through 3 business ownership changes.
  • Managed the Delivered a plant's first on-time and complete holiday season in 25 years.
  • Initiated SPC controls in 3 facilities resulting in over $500,000 savings.
  • Saved a national sales account by providing regular, direct contact with the plant.

Previous Candy Manufacturing Roles

  • Managing Principal
  • Facilities Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • Director Of Operations
  • Bakery Director

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