Digital Marketing Expert

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Digital Marketing Expert #01019


This digital marketing expert has a strategic marketing perspective. Their entire career has centered on helping companies grow through digital marketing efforts. Through their pioneering work they remain very current on digital marketing strategies and are currently helping a number of companies achieve improved results. Recent clients include Sony, Polaris, Target, University of St. Thomas, FamDoo, Reemo, and Veranos in helping them with their digital go to market strategy.


  • Integrated Marketing Programs
  • Social Media & Paid Media
  • Digital, Mobile, and Immersive Expertise
  • New Market Penetration
  • Emerging Media & Technology
  • Content Development
  • Creative Vision & Ideation
  • Team Building & Management

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Developed and implemented multi-channel strategy for positioning, branding, and enhancing the reputation and campaign efforts of University Development through web and new media.
  • Established organizational best practices and quality standards of digital marketing and communication.
  • Managed and led development of comprehensive strategies to launch multiple new products into the marketplace both domestically and globally – global focus includes: Latin America, Canada, and Europe.
  • Advised and designed strategic go-to-market roadmap for a B2B Connected Home leader.
  • Facilitated and managed development of 2013 strategic roadmap, by identifying and implementing tactical marketing strategies that raised the company visibility & profile while resulting in diversified business.
  • Defined and led new post-merger agency brand identity and business process, integrating all business segments across 4 agencies including media, mobile, search, social, production, animation, design, and development.
  • Developed long-term marketing strategies to achieve market segment growth across gaming, mobile, digital and promotional marketing.
  • Innovated a rapidly growing industry by architecting a fully integrated, data-driven tech stack, supply chain, and marketing system model.

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