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This Interim Plant Manager Consultant is a results-oriented Operations Leader, Project Manager and Leader and comprehensive Business Executive with more than 20 years of experience driving revenue and enhancing corporate success through exceptional business development, project execution, continuous improvement, and orchestration of supply chain processes and platforms. He readily applies operations knowledge to initiatives and project management. He is Known for devising and implementing strategic plans to reduce costs and increase productivity, never forgetting quality and service. He is an Innovative leader expertly mentoring and building cohesive teams to consistently exceed company / project goals and objectives.


  • 20+ years driving revenue
  • Strategic planning
  • Innovative Leader
  • Supply Chain

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Entered private organizations to develop and improve business processes and culture immediately and permanently.  Using the Project Management model to create or reinstall process improvement projects, fundamental organizational values, yielding foundational and changed cultures which successfully delivered results on all levels. at the following assignments: Unique and Green, age of stock Produce / Protein upcycling to animal feed. 
  • Recruited as Employee no. 1 to create, build, and implement a total regulated food manufacturing business system. 
    • Hired entire organization (80 employees) to meet functional demands of new business. 
    • Created progressive, team based and learning culture to ensure quality performance and productive environment. 
    • Established push just in time (JIT), 100% net Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) management operating system. 
    • Project start up and qualification. 
    • Created and managed Contractor and Vendor relationships 
  • Brought in to meet operational outputs per growing sales and regulatory requirements. 
    • Moved production yields from 85% to 90%. Through 4 continuous improvement Capital Projects 
    • Made organizational changes to improve Customer Service, Human Resources, Training, Safety, and Sanitation. 
    • Executed consolidated warehousing project and distribution system, streamlining processes with transparency.
  • Recruited to lead urgent and rapid turnaround in facility prior to company sale. 
    • Improved Total Incident Rate to 3.4 versus 15.3 versus year ago. 
    • Reduced rework generation by 50%, and increased outputs by 33%. Through 2 Capx and 3 Kazan Projects. 
    • Hired 50% new supervisory staff and put in place transformative management operating system program. 
  • Biopharmaceutical and Cellular Nutrition Hydrolysate Ingredient Manufacturer including Infant Formula.  Highly technical processor of protein materials for global markets.  North American division of one of world’s largest dairy companies. 
  • Led all activities onsite including Global Supply Chain P&L for hydrolysate business.  Provided operational and technical leadership for North American Ingredient Company including Warehouse and third-party manufacturers in region. 
    • Affected turnaround in short order from several supply chain issues to improving quality, efficiency, capacity, and cost (including avoiding material shortages, improving first pass quality by 8% and increasing outputs by 9%). 
    • Repaired critical infrastructure by implementing foundation teams in Maintenance, Engineering, continuous improvement, and organizational communication and accountability. 
  • Executed business direction for all Company functions: Manufacturing, Marketing, Customer Delivery, Quality, Research and Development (R&D) (formulation), Engineering, Supply Chain, and Inventory Control. 
    • Moved small, underdeveloped company through hands on execution to level compliant with global regulatory, industry, and customer requirements.  Developed, implemented, and operated foundational processes, procedures, and systems for company control, reporting, and tracking. 
    • Converted from “meet minimum requirements” to “using Total Quality Management (TQM) in Product and Process Improvement” culture. Standardized Global purchasing processes and requirements. 
    • Executed operational plan for 45% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in revenue for 5 years while maintaining Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA) improvements of 40% by leveraging existing asset base. 
    • Achieved volume growth of 400% during tenure also very successful in meeting quality, cost, delivery, and safety targets aligned with growth.  
  • Responsibility for Company P&L ($25M) and Manufacturing, Marketing, Customer Delivery, Quality, R&D (formulation), Engineering, Supply Chain, Inventory Control, Project management for construction of the Mfg Plant, and Finance. 
    • Commercialized contract manufacturing facility (tablet, capsules, and stick packs) with international certifications (i.e. cGMP, TGA) and US FDA training and certification. 
    • Led organizational recruitment, development, and training for entire staff in country (30). 
    • Executed financial plan earning 21%+ top line revenue growth while achieving 8% cost improvement (net 29%).Enhanced Contract Manufacturing reputation by representing company in public media through written and public presentations.
  • Total P&L responsibility for Division leading Operations, Supply Chain, Logistics, Purchasing, Engineering, Maintenance, R&D, and Customer Service groups (500 people), with revenue of $80M (20% International). Product portfolio included supplement, high protein, weight loss / athletic nutrition powders sold to marketing and distribution companies. 
    • Delivered top line sales growth of 30+% year over year (YOY). 
    • Brought about cost savings of $1.5M for 3 consecutive years. 
    • Delivered $5M in inventory reduction while improving customer service from 75% to 92%. 
    • Implemented Lean manufacturing practices. 
    • Ensured regulatory compliance (FDA, OSHA, EPA, TGA) in constantly changing environment, and prepared for supplement legislative (FDA) changes. 
    • Implemented foundational QCDSM (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, and Morale) process for operational management, communication, and leadership. 
    • Negotiated domestic and international supplier agreements. 
    • Leadership of Sales and Customer Service organizations (8/07 to 4/08) with total responsibility for top line revenue and EBITDA for entire company ($260M). Developed unified Sales and Account Management organization, created sales forecasting process, and implemented Initiative Tracker system, which improved revenue by 6%. 
  • Total responsibility for all operation (union and non-union) activities on 5 sites (Bakery, Dry Cake Mix, Syrup) including Manufacturing, Warehousing, Distribution, Engineering, Purchasing, and Finance. Production requirements for sites at 40M cases of product (Frozen, Dry, Refrigerated, and Liquid) representing approximately $700M in sales (1000+ people). 
    • Led Cost Effectiveness Team to accomplish $12M per year savings. 
    • Directed purchase and startup of “Brownfield” site to self-manufacture liquid products. 
  • Directed 32 salaried and 400 hourly employees and all Manufacturing activities on site, Warehousing, Distribution, Engineering, Purchasing, and Finance. Production requirements for site at 120M pounds of product representing approximately $150M in sales. 


  • Plant Manager
  • Projects Manager
  • Vice President Operations
  • Chief Operating Officer

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