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This Cloud Solution Consultant is a dynamic and results-oriented Senior Cloud Solutions Engineer with experience leading complex IT projects and cloud migrations. They are adept at driving technological transformations, optimizing cloud environments, and spearheading innovative solutions in diverse industries. They have a proven track record in enhancing system performance, ensuring seamless operations, and fostering cross-functional collaboration. They are committed to leveraging technical expertise and insight to deliver outstanding results in challenging environments. 


  • Strategy Development
  • Cloud Services
  • Resource Management
  • .NET, SQL, IIS
  • Led Complex IT projects
  • Enhancing System Performance

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Spearheaded cloud solutions across 130+ accounts in diverse industries (Hospitality, Retail, Transportation, Travel, Consumer Packaged Goods), enhancing sales through expert consultation and strategy development. 
  • Established as the go-to Subject Matter Expert (SME) for top-tier Cloud CSPs (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), specializing in connectivity, availability, resilience, sizing, integration, and lifecycle management. 
  • Conducted and led numerous client-focused Cloud Migration Workshops, both remotely and on-site, facilitating effective cloud transition strategies. 
  • Orchestrated and managed Cloud Training Programs, elevating the technical proficiency of Sales Engineers within the company
  • Oversaw diverse teams (SaaS Operations, systems, desktop, networking) across the US and UK, successfully leading multifaceted projects, including acquisitions and DevOps initiatives. 
  • Managed the DevOps Team and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CICD) Chapter, spearheading a significant cross-functional containerization project. 
  • Strategically transformed IT operations into a service-oriented model, utilizing Agile/SAFe methodologies and Azure based components, enhancing operational efficiency and agility. 
  • Led the migration of numerous legacy systems to cutting-edge, full-stack solutions, executing Azure cloud migrations, optimizing performance, and reducing costs. 
  • Directed a team of senior systems and desktop engineers, fostering technical excellence and enhancing team performance in complex IT environments.  
  • Jointly managed the Service Desk, streamlining operations and effectively handling escalated issues within the Managed Services Infrastructure, ensuring rapid and effective problem resolution.  
  • Conducted due diligence auditing, reinforcing system security and compliance standards.  
  • Developed and implemented an innovative estimation/productization process for Service Management, improving efficiency and service quality.  
  • Led the strategic transition of multiple clients from on-premise infrastructure to Google Cloud Services, exemplifying expertise in cloud solutions and client-focused migrations.  
  • Coordinated and executed a series of high-stakes platform migrations and critical system rescues, demonstrating exceptional problem-solving skills and adaptability under pressure. 
  • Co-managed a multifaceted team of systems, desktop, and network engineers while overseeing the BI Competency Center (managed services operation), ensuring seamless operations and high service standards.  
  • Administered and maintained a hybrid cloud environment (AWS/client hosted) and OBIA instances on RedHat Linux and VMware servers, showcasing technical versatility and cloud management expertise.  
  • Innovated and applied a new estimation/productization framework for Service Management, significantly boosting process efficiency and client satisfaction.  
  • Pioneered the migration of multiple client infrastructures from traditional setups to Google Cloud Services, showcasing a blend of strategic vision and cloud migration prowess.  
  • Enhanced infrastructure processes, improving performance and stability without incurring additional costs, demonstrating exceptional resource management and problem-solving skills.
  • Supported and managed a large-scale Exchange 2010 environment with over 45,000 mailboxes, ensuring performance and reliability on a VMware infrastructure.  
  • Led software deployment and packaging initiatives, automating installations across thousands of PCs using scripting and SCCM, demonstrating strong automation and management skills.  
  • Acted as the Subject Matter Expert for virtualization within the hyperconvergence team, contributing significantly to team knowledge and virtualization strategies.  
  • Directed the successful implementation of Allscripts’ dbMotion platform, centralizing electronic medical records (EMRs) and enhancing healthcare data accessibility and integration.  
  • Oversaw a multi-site Exchange platform catering to 45,000 mailboxes, demonstrating advanced technical proficiency in large-scale email system management. 
  • Deployed, configured and supported Corillian Voyager, an eCommerce product built with .NET, SQL and IIS. Troubleshot development issues (code comparison, scripting, debugging, etc.) and drove execution of projects. Maintained system configuration, authentication and firewall connectivity.
  • Supervised systems engineers and the help desk. Monitored four labs consisting of load-balanced IIS servers utilizing ASP with a SQL Server backend. Managed the Exchange infrastructure and security program, and designed the Linux infrastructure. 


  • Senior Cloud Solution Engineer
  • Senior Manager, DevOps and Global Information Technology
  • Principal Systems Engineer
  • Principal Consultant
  • Systems Engineer II
  • Staff Systems Engineer, Professional Services, Digital Channels
  • Owner of Innovative Skill
  • Network/Security Engineer

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