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This CEO mentor and COO mentor has a particularly wide and diverse range of experience, including extensive experience in engineered products and manufacturing businesses. He co-founded a manufacturing company early in his career, and later, as an operating executive in a publicly traded, diversified manufacturing conglomerate, Mike worked his way across numerous subsidiaries leading to his role as Operating Officer of the corporation.

His experience spans North America, Europe and Asia, and includes product management, market management, sales and distribution channels, as well as product and manufacturing engineering, the supply chain, and the manufacturing disciplines. He has a passion for the people side of business and brings enthusiasm and expertise in developing talent, teams and the next generation of management and leadership. His work in strategic assessment and planning includes organizational design, operational excellence, mergers, and acquisitions. He is adept at creating new businesses, growing existing businesses, and rationalizing and reinventing mature organizations.

After a successful career in the engineered and manufactured product sector, Mike now shares his expertise as a freelance management consultant. As an advisor and consultant, one of his strengths is the flexibility, creativity and openness required to guide organizations, boards, managers, and executives of all kinds.


• COO of publicly traded, diversified manufacturing organization
• Entrepreneur and founder of a successful technology-driven manufacturer
• 30+ years of experience
• P&L Operations Management • Advisory experience across many sectors
• Mentoring, coaching, talent development
• Strategic assessment, planning, execution
• Organization design and structure
• Product, market, engineering, sales, and manufacturing management

Relevant Accomplishments

  • As corporate operating officer, developed and implemented a new global structure, revitalized strategic planning, enhanced operational execution, strengthened market positioning, and elevated revenue, earnings across numerous subsidiaries. These strategic and operational enhancements served to boost shareholder value, leading to the lucrative acquisition of the corporation.
  • As EVP, merged 7 distinct operating subsidiaries into one high-performing regional business unit.
  • As subsidiary President, created a strategic plan to dismantle and restructure a 60 year-old business featuring a decade of revenue and earnings decline, yielding a large, recurring, seven-figure improvement to the corporation’s core earnings.
  • As subsidiary Vice President, restructured the product and market management teams, and the product design and engineering teams. Conducted extensive new product development and existing product rationalization across the entire portfolio of aging business lines, resulting in double digit market share growth and comparable profit gains.
  • As Director of North America, created a new business unit staffed with product, market, and manufacturing specialists. Introduced EU product portfolio into the NA market. Also developed new products, with both product groups achieving large market share gains and company leading margins.
  • As an Entrepreneur and President, founded a manufacturing business featuring proprietary product and manufacturing technology, six sigma quality levels, and products that were quickly adopted throughout the industry.
  • As a freelance management consultant, delivers an array of strategic, organizational and operational support to a wide range of businesses, including manufacturing, professional services, social impact agencies, banks, higher education, marketing agencies, and more.


  • Freelance management consultant
  • COO of publicly traded, diversified manufacturing enterprise
  • EVP Europe Region
  • Subsidiary President
  • Subsidiary Vice President
  • Founder, President, Owner
  • Director N.A. business unit
  • Program Manager, Engineering Manager, National Sales Manager

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