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This Chemical Coating Expert Consultant has over 30 years of experience researching and commercializing organic coatings, developing and implementing quality control methods, coordinating trial runs / plant scale-up of new products, and assisting customers with troubleshooting application processes. Results-driven problem solver who thinks strategically (“outside the box”), builds productive customer relationships, meets deliverables, and makes significant contributions to business goals and growth. Safety-focused professional who creates work plans to ensure compliance with OSHA, State, and Federal environmental regulations.


  • Industrial Coats
  • Fast Curing External Formulations
  • Creative Troubleshooting
  • ISO 9000/14000 experienced
  • New Products / Scale-Ups
  • New Chemistry Development
  • Coach and Mentor

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Acted as Senior Chemist responsible for researching and formulating coatings for packaging, general industrial, and bringing new technology to market.
  • Led development of color dispersions for a wide cross-section of organic coatings. Focused on exempt solvents and non-volatiles systems for architectural and general industrial coating markets.
  • Hired to mentor and share expertise in coatings technology with junior chemists and new graduates in the R&D group; assist with the integration of raw materials and formulas from newly acquired company into SAP, and recommend steps to improve the performance of the lab.
  • Shared leadership in a European research team to develop waterborne coatings for a major glass decoration company. Formulated coatings to create special effects, color matches, lower Volatiles organic contents to meet state environmental regulations, and controlled raw material cost.
  • Developed pigment dispersions for European market using outsourcing to meet all manufacturing needs.
  • Developed automotive repair coatings for glass parts including windshield for Asian market, allowing OEM customers to limit loss from defective parts.
  • Developed high performance primers and topcoat coatings for automotive repair and secondary market Duties also included the training of quality control technicians, and fielding of customers’ questions on application and used of body fillers, primers, and topcoats.
  • Formulated vinyl aerosol coatings, two-part unsaturated polyester sand-able primers, and two-part polyurethane topcoat.
  • Managed and trained lab technicians, formulated coatings for new and reconditioned steel drums, performed technical service on customers site, worked with production, and purchasing to improve efficiency.
  • Developed low VOC compliant, interior linings for drums, environmental friendly label stripper, and fast curing waterborne, and solvent exterior coatings.


  • Research Chemist
  • Senior Chemist
  • New Product Development Specialist
  • Scientist
  • Product Development Chemist
  • Technical Manager
  • Coating Chemist
  • Engineer


  • S. Chemistry

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