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This Chocolatier has spent over 30 years in the food industry apprenticing at a young age with Christian Steiner, Master Candy maker.  Following a path of increasing skill and responsibility, he has led many teams to success in large scale production installations and startups.  A unique perspective on the food industry and specifically with chocolate.  He has a wide range of skills including diagnostic and observational skills that are honed over many years across numerous applications.  He has worked in large companies and successfully worked with a wide range of internal customers developing new products that maintain appropriate shelf life and have world class presentation and deliver.  He is adept at working in a manufacturing setting along with a deep knowledge of chocolate formulation and troubleshooting.


  • Chocolate Tempering, fat migration and Shelf-Life knowledge
  • Sucrose Crystallization,
  • Graining and water activity
  • Food manufacturing process equipment
  • Carmel and Saltwater Taffy Formulation
  • Gelato Formulation and Manufacturing
  • Kaizen and JIT manufacturing processes
  • Continuous Tempering Equipment
  • One Shot Chocolate Equipment
  • Hard Candy Manufacturing
  • Chocolate Panning and Equipment
  • Bulk (liquid) chocolate delivery set up
  • General manufacturing troubleshooting

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Led successful set up and development of a $1mm per year Chocolate Panning Operation. This work included: equipment selection, layout, start up, new product bill of materials, staff training, safety sheets and coaching, product standards and meeting unit time standards
  • As Manager of Research and Development, oversaw an average of 100 new products a year through the process. This would include working directly with the Merchant Group to assure product was meeting marketing expectations of presentation and cost.
  • Oversaw set up and operation of $750k moulding plant with enrober to run 100,000 pieces per shift of truffles
  • Led team to install new One-Shot chocolate moulding plant. This included equipment selection, shop layout and start up, as well as the development of all new recipes with special attention to viscosity of fillings to achieve highest ratio of filling to shell.
  • Worked with a food manufacturer in the Midwest to duplicate a product that my company was making on the west coast. This is one of the most difficult tasks in the food world and with the collaboration of the Manufacturing Manager at that plant, we were successful in creating a match that was approved by our marketing team.
  • Worked with a staff of 8 direct reports and 120+ employees, successfully delivering over 60 million pieces of candy a year, on time and at cost, using 3 to 5 million pounds of chocolate. Among my crew, I was a trusted coach and mentor.


  • Manager, Chocolatier
  • Manager, Candy and Specialty Food Departments
  • Supervisor
  • Teacher, Classes on Chocolate tasting and tempering; Gelato Manufacturing

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