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This Clinical Operations Consultant is a results-driven certified safety leader with extensive experience in designing and implementing strategic safety, compliance (federal/state including California), and fleet maintenance programs. They have successfully managed a multi-level private equity firm’s safety and compliance department, which includes 8 companies (6 trucking companies and 2 brokerages) with over 400 trucks. Reporting to the CFO and the Board of Directors, they have demonstrated expertise in improving compliance and operational efficiency.

This Consultants previous roles include serving as the Director of Terminal Operations, Compliance, Safety & Fleet Maintenance for a start-up with over 200 trucks. In this capacity, they quickly lowered CSA scores below federal thresholds within 6 months and transitioned the company to a 95% asset-based operation. They also have a strong track record of improving safety and compliance programs for multiple companies under a single corporate umbrella, significantly reducing accident and injury frequency and improving revenue loss.


  • Strategic Safety Leadership
  • Fleet Management
  • Team Building
  • Compliance Expertise
  • Policy Implementation
  • Brokerage Expansion
  • Driver Engagement

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Designed and implemented a strategic safety, compliance, and fleet maintenance program for a multi-level private equity firm with 8 companies.
  • Achieved a significant reduction in CSA scores, bringing them below federal thresholds within 6 months.
  • Transitioned a start-up company from a compliance struggle to a 95% asset-based operation.
  • Built and managed a comprehensive team including various safety managers, DQF & Claims Manager, and ELD & Fleet Maintenance Manager.
  • Designed and implemented unified safety, compliance, and vehicle maintenance policies across 6 trucking companies.
  • Successfully expanded company operations to include a brokerage, designing and implementing all related compliance and operational procedures.
  • Established and maintained effective communication with senior management, including CFO, COO, CEO, and the Board of Directors.
  • Established strong relationships with local DOT and state authorities.
  • Implemented regular driver meetings tailored to the needs of each entity.
  • Improved company perceptions by attending and participating in state industry meetings.
  • Significantly decreased accident and injury frequency, leading to a reduction in revenue loss for a corporate umbrella managing 3 companies and 22 terminals.


  • Founder/Principal at
  • Vice President of Advanced Care
  • Regional Director of Patient Advocacy and Strategic Partnerships
  • Area Vice President of Business Development
  • Area Vice President of Sales
  • Area Director of Sales
  • Director of Rehabilitation
  • Director of Orthopedics
  • Lead Physical Therapist/Clinic Supervisor

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