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This compensation and total rewards expert consultant has worked for over 20 years in the field of HR rewards on both the corporate and consulting side. His corporate background includes 16 years of managing compensation, benefits, work life, performance management, and human resources information systems. His compensation experience includes broad-based employee compensation as well as executive and director compensation in both union and non-union environments.  His consulting assignments have included designing, administering, communicating, and implementing all types of compensation and benefit programs in support of business objectives. His assignments have included auditing and updating existing programs, as well as new program development for all types of organizations. He has also designed and evaluated performance management systems, wellness programs and work life initiatives.


  • 20+ years of international trade experience
  • Extensive Construction and Finishing Material Sourcing
  • Broad country experience and relationships
  • Global Sourcing / Purchasing Expert
  • Skilled negotiator
  • Deep knowledge of payment terms, shipment arrangements, tariffs, and related factors

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Designed a long-term incentive plan for executives using non-qualified stock options and restricted share awards which extended equity participation more broadly among the executive group. Prior to this plan, equity compensation was limited to the top four executives in a corporation with over 30,000 employees.  In addition, designed a short-term cash incentive plan using economic value added methodology (EVA) for the executive group.  The design of these plans required close collaboration with the top executives of the corporation.  In addition, was responsible for preparing all compensation and benefits related IRS, DOL and SEC filings and disclosures which included proxy preparation.
  • Designed a short-term cash incentive plan for the top management group using a Balanced Scorecard approach. Prior to this plan, the organization did not have any incentive compensation for the top management group.  This plan, since the concept of incentive compensation was new to the organization, required extensive discussion with the board of directors including individual meetings with selected board members.
  • Redesigned an executive short term cash incentive plan, which had been in place for over ten years. This redesign centered on the performance metrics and changing the parameters to more closely match the executive’s performance with the organization’s business goals.
  • Negotiated and recommending compensation packages for newly hired or promoted executives. This includes base compensation as well as short and long term (equity) incentives.  In addition, I was responsible for the administration of their short-term cash incentive plan and their long term equity (restricted shares and NQSO’s) incentive plan.
  • Designed CEO compensation packages for a publishing firm and a health care system. In addition, prepared proxy material for the Compensation Discussion & Analysis.  In addition, designed equity compensation packages for two separate M&A situations.  All these assignments required extensive interaction with top executives and board members.
  • Designed executive compensation arrangements for numerous clients in various industries. These included the semiconductor, retail apparel, energy, healthcare, and financial services industries.  A representative list of these arrangements would include Non-Qualified Stock Option plans, Restricted Share plans, Stock Appreciation Rights plans, short- and long-term cash incentives, and Supplemental Executive Retirement plans.  This required extensive collaboration with the top executives and board members of these clients.
  • Responsible for all aspects of executive compensation including review of the annual Opinion Letter, owning the relationship with the executive compensation consultant, preparation of DOL filing, determination of “Disqualified Persons” for purposes of the Intermediate Sanctions regulations and preparation of Board materials. In addition, designed a Carried Interest incentive compensation plan for the investment professionals in ETS’ for-profit equity investment subsidiary. 


  • Interim VP Total Rewards
  • Director Total Rewards
  • Senior Director, Compensation Consulting Company
  • Independent Total Rewards Consultant
  • VP Compensation
  • Director, Compensation & Benefits

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