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Client Summary

As a manufacturing operations consultant with over 30 years of experience across various manufacturing industries, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a wide array of products. My role involves aiding small manufacturing businesses in establishing internal alignment, which paves the way for substantial performance breakthroughs.

I specialize in addressing manufacturing challenges such as poor On-Time Delivery (OTD) and subpar quality. By utilizing my extensive hands-on manufacturing operations experience and visionary leadership, I drive significant bottom-line growth.

I identify myself more as an experienced manufacturing leader than a traditional consultant. I integrate myself into companies as a fractional manufacturing operation consultant, imparting knowledge, coaching, and mentoring on the principles behind the changes being implemented. I believe in a hands-on approach, working alongside teams on the floor to bring about these changes. My ultimate aim is to ensure that the principles driving these changes are not only implemented but also understood and adopted. This hands-on, immersive approach sets me apart as a manufacturing operations consultant.

Highlights in Manufacturing Operations

  • 20+ years of manufacturing leadership
  • Manufacturing / Operations accurate assessments and implementing transformation.
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Lean Enterprise Transformations
  • Mentoring, Coaching and Training
  • Operational Planning for Growth
  • Collaborative Leader

Relevant Accomplishments as a Manufacturing Operations Consultant

  • Operated as manufacturing operations leaders for multiple small manufacturers as follows:
    • Able to quickly acclimate & assess current state and create a vision of changes needed to support growth and profit improvement.
    • Let changes in culture and internal operations needed.
    • Successfully led the journey to become a Lean Enterprise at Mate Precision Tooling culminating in the selection of Manufacturer of the Year by the Manufacturers Alliance
    • Successfully completing a transformation of manufacturing operations at Midwest Rubber Service & Supply that created uniform flow throughout the shop, a distinct warehousing operation, and set the stage for continuous flow in all departments
  • Drove improvements in manufacturing processes through the reconfiguration of manufacturing operations and warehousing in collaboration with department employees. This created true process flow in manufacturing, setting the stage for further CI, and process improvements. Focused on production efficiency improvements through engagement with shop personnel and improved overall shop PE by about 24% over 18 months. This has led to further engagement of shop employees in overall process improvements.
  • Improved overall performance of the Operations Leadership team through the integration of EOS tools and processes. The team has become a very cohesive, collaborative, and strong team that is making a reality of the vision I have created regarding where Operations can go and become.
  • Through travel to our international operations in the Netherlands & Shanghai, China shared best practices between locations in an effort to ensure all locations are driving improvement towards similar goals. It also drove a strong sense of teamwork between all locations as the amount of communication between locations grew and improved commensurate with the amount of travel between locations.
  • Improved service levels of Maintenance through improved budgeting to provide services and the addition of key manpower. Now scheduling and performing TPM’s on equipment driving reduced levels of unplanned downtime. Also improved on-hand replacement parts for machines also leading to reduced unplanned downtime. Established weekly, monthly, and quarterly sales reports for tracking progress against plans across products, regions, and markets.
  • Member of the senior management team with multi-functional responsibilities including ISO Management Representative, Quality Manager, Safety Director and Continuous Improvement Manager. As a member of the senior management team, supported defining company strategic vision & plan, developing programs that support growth of the business and drive continuous improvement.
  • As ISO management representative, successfully led company to 9001:2008 certification and continual certification through successful surveillance audits. As a lead internal auditor, led the internal audit team to the successful completion of 5 annual internal audits. Successfully leading efforts to apply company QMS as a true business management system. Developed an industry-leading quarterly management review process that supports those efforts.
  • Effective implementation of internal programs driving continuous improvement throughout the organization by improving employee engagement. Programs include the SHAPE program (company proactive safety initiatives), SCIP program (Small Continuous Improvement Projects) providing improvements from the manufacturing floor to business processes and the company QMS. Programs provide opportunities to all employees to continually improve and shape how the company does its business. Through efforts in the SHAPE and SCIP programs, the level of employee engagement is industry leading and fueling even more change and continuous improvement.
  • Manufacturing Engineer working in the role of Lean Coordinator responsible for leading enterprise-wide Lean journey. Responsibilities in that capacity for leading the development and implementation of an enterprise-wide strategy for Lean. These responsibilities were multifaceted and had the requirements of developing corporate training materials, a successful 5S/6S strategy, and a successful Kaizen program. This resulted in successful efforts in setup reduction, restructuring of order processing, implementation of multiple Kanban systems, some initial efforts in TPM, cellular manufacturing and more.
  • Developed, trained and led a team of internal Lean Champions that supported and led portions of lean efforts. The success of leading this team culminated in the awarding of the “Manufacturer of the Year” award by the Manufacturers Alliance in 2009. 

Previous Roles in Manufacturing Operations

  • Fractional Integrator
  • COO
  • Director Of Operations
  • Manager of Continuous Improvement
  • Manager of Operational Excellence
  • Lean Coordinator / Senior Manufacturing Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Manufacturing Operations Consultant


  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, University Of Minnesota
  • Manufacturers Alliance: High-Performance Leader Certification
  • Manufacturers Alliance: Lean Leader Certification
  • Manufacturers Alliance: Lean Practitioner Certification

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