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Data driven business transformation CTO with a record of successfully developing and implementing technology initiatives and joint ventures while increasing EBITDA, market penetration, service excellence, quality, brand loyalty.  Proven ability to develop world-class technology and service organizations and serve as a key member of the executive team.  Able to run “IT as a business” with measurable internal and external value.  Expert in Technology Strategy and Architectural Engineering that proactively satifies business needs with best-of-breed solutions.


  • 25+ experience across Healthcare, Life Science, Medical, and Insurance industries
  • Solving complex problems that transform the healthcare industry.
  • Innovation
  • Hands-On & Results oriented
  • Technology Strategy
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Risk Management

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Set the 3-Year Technology strategy/vision, gained board of directors approval, and led the evolution of a services company enabled by technology, to a Technology company.
  • Deployed a business process-driven approach emphasizing less code, an enterprise data lake and an agile methodology to delivering Technology solutions, improving time to value by 92%.
  • Established Innovation Lab serving R&D unit focused on leveraging our internal/external teams, partnerships, and client advisory board to bring advanced technologies, including machine and deep learning, to bear on our part of the Healthcare industry to realize extraordinary revenue returns with minimal human intervention.
  • Deployed a matrixed organizational structure that leverages the existing teams’ skills while infusing them with customer-centric policies, advanced tech, and service, as their top priority.
  • Created a strategic Microsoft partnership to fiscally augment our Technology efforts and support the achievement of our aspirations.
  • Key member of the executive team(s) directly responsible for all aspects of IT P&L, strategy, development, implementation and the IT operations that drive business growth, productivity and competitive advantage for 52,000 clinicians across 576 locations in 33 states.
  • End-to-End responsibility for the Unity Cares Product Suite which includes three different products, focused on: 1. Artificial Intelligence (to deliver the following outcomes; Decreases in treatment pathway costs, Improved efficacy for patient routing, Improved clinician performance, Improved patient satisfaction levels, Decreased Re-admissions, Decreased TPA interventions/claims processing exceptions), Automation, and Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics 2. Total Health Records 3. TeleMed and Monitoring.
  • Serving as CTO and leading the AI development and implementation at the tenth largest Healthcare Services (HSO, Health Plan, Medical Group) in the USA. Driving clinical outcomes, plan expansion (membership growth) and readmission prevention.
  • Serving as vCTO and leading the Homecare Homebase implementation and data center transformation at the second largest Home Health and Hospice Provider in the USA.
  • Executive leader responsible for the TeleHealth (Home health patient monitoring and Health plan and Healthcare Patient to Physician video visits) business partnership and the ideation of new functionality.
  • For an innovative startup that is re-inventing collaborative mobile healthcare communications. Strategy development, architecture/software development/project/cloud management, organization design, sourcing/vendor management, understanding of major industry trends to align both Business and IT strategies.


  • CTO
  • Head of Innovation
  • SaaS CTO
  • Chief Architect
  • Interim CTO
  • VP Technology
  • Global CIO
  • Director PMO Office
  • Development and QA Manager


  • MBA
  • S. Computer Science
  • PMP Certified
  • Certified Enterprise Architect

Company / Industry Experience

  • Zelis Healthcare
  • Unity
  • Luxottica Group
  • Pinnacle Software
  • Coventry Healthcare, Inc.

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