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Innovative senior executive leading the design, development, and implementation of high-performance technology solutions to meet the strategic and challenging commercial needs within the healthcare & pharmacy sectors.  Extensive expertise in the development and execution of technology strategies, financial & budget planning, vendor management, agile project development, audit / compliance & security, data analytics, and process & performance improvement.


  • Agile Project Life-Cycle Development
  • Reengineering of Technology
  • System Design
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Migration & Integration Projects
  • Resource / Asset Management
  • Data Analytics & Warehousing
  • Data / Cyber Security (HIPAA, SOX, HEDIS, PCI)
  • Disaster Recovery Strategy

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Developed and executed a comprehensive technical strategy to enable the organization’s restructuring of a fragmented broad pharmacy and PBM business including retail, mail, specialty, home health and infusion to a significantly larger national infusion platform. The successfully executed strategy included:
    • Migration of corporate data center to a managed service outsourced data center
    • Consolidation of primary operating systems from 8+ disparate instances to a virtual, scalable, production and highly redundant disaster recovery platform
  • Accomplished the technology due diligence and end-to-end integration of three acquired infusion companies totaling more than eighty additional national locations. The technology migration/integration included all computer, network (WAN/LAN), telecom (VOIP), applications, and mobile platforms
  • Developed and implemented an Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration and data-warehouse strategy.
  • Completed two divestitures including the mail / retail pharmacy locations, as well as, the home health division.
  • Developed and implemented comprehensive technology security and compliance strategies to successfully manage the requirements of Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA and Cyber-security
  • With integral knowledge of a healthcare business’ operational framework (eligibility authorizations, payments from a wide variety of insurance providers, claims processing, securitization of medical records, ICD-9 coding, clinical documentation, and more) authorized, planned, and directed custom applications development projects integrated with the company’s ERP platform.
  • Pioneered a corporate data warehouse/business intelligence platform based on IBM Cognos & SQL Server. Initiative enabled the swift compilation of a wide variety of business analytics (KPIs included) and was infinitely superior to running reports from the ERP.
  • Assessed all vendor relationships (platform support, VOIP telephonic infrastructure, software licensing, hardware purchasing) for quality and value. Improved or replaced those identified as sub-par.; Consolidated telecom carriers and delivered 40% savings in these charges as well as an additional 10+% soft savings in ongoing national platform support; Negotiated with Verizon for 35% savings on wide-area-network.
  • Conceptualized, planned, and orchestrated the development and subsequent implementation of an application platform with several custom EMR modules, using a central data warehouse The resulting proprietary application platform, “Medilink,” was both a core contributor to the company’s expanding success in its clinic businesses as well as a central automation/distribution hub for the organization’s intellectual property. Using HL7, Medilink was integrated with several hospital systems including EPIC, Cerner, and Allscipts
  • Conceptualized and directed the IT analysis, design, and full-cycle development of several critical projects necessitated by the introduction of Medicare Part D insurance.
  • For specialty pharmacy and mail-order divisions, completed a comprehensive features and functionality analysis and delivered application requirements. Project incorporated aspects of HIPAA-compliant security,
  • Medicare Part D formulary coverage and reimbursement, inventory management, EDI, and disaster recovery planning.
  • Anticipated, planned, and implemented technology enhancements to compensate for the exponential growth achieved by the mail order business. Also led efforts to complete required enhancements for the specialty pharmacy division.


  • CTO / CIO Consulting
  • Interim CTO
  • Chief Information & Security Officer
  • Senior Vice President
  • Director of Pharmacy Systems
  • Director of Systems Development & Support


  • Master’s of Science, Computer Science
  • Bachelor’s of Science, Computer Science

Company / Industry Experience

  • Curative Health Services
  • NMHCRx
  • Byram Healthcare
  • Bioscrip
  • Armada Healthcare

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