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This professional is a 30-year lighting industry entrepreneur whose last company he built to $15M in sales with 50 people from starting in his garage 7 years prior. His strengths are cross functional having started in the beginning “doing” every role from sales to engineering to marketing to manufacturing to then recruiting talent and creating the team to enable the company to scale. He’s a rare business leader who has created a strategic vision and then put together and continually improved the systems and processes to manufacture the product to execute on the “dream”.

He is a community builder with both the front end of the business as well as the vendor side, having built meaningful and leverageable relationships with nearly every important component vendor in the global supply chain. A constant and vocal advocate for US Manufacturing he is a believer in implementing Lean / Toyota Production System practices to drive manufacturing efficiencies domestically, but also leveraging the overseas / Asian supply chain where it makes business sense.

He is a team leader who drives profitable growth by finding market voids and creating compelling product to fill them. A brand champion to all industry stakeholders, he remains laser focused on creating a unified message that simply and quickly articulates the company’s value and works relentlessly to institutionalize the message to get companywide buy-in from people at every level.

• Lighting Industry Entrepreneur
• Asian Supplier Relationships / Lighting Components
• Manufacturing Operations
• Supply Chain Management
• Marketing / Distribution / Sales
• Product and Business Model Innovation
• perational Efficiency Expert

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Quadrupled product offerings by overhauling supply chain and augmenting with global partners and suppliers.
  • Created roadmap to commercialize over 400 patents, resulting in 400% increase in revenue through introduction of 4 new product families and opening 3 new markets in the circadian / human centric and UV Disinfection lighting markets.
  • Identified multiple market niches for organic growth, joint ventures, and M&A opportunities.
  • Identified, presented and orchestrated new marketing and sales strategies for Ketra resulting in the successful sale to Lutron, the worlds’ largest dimming company.
  • Developed and helped mobilize new channel strategy for Digital Lumens resulting in their successful sale to Osram, one of the largest lighting companies in the world
  • Successfully repositioned Endicott Research Group to become ERG Lighting’s premiere US designer and manufacturer of LED drivers, increasing sales by driving message of Made in USA and world class quality assurance standards
  • strategic shift to traditional lighting agencies leading to a single order for $10M with total contract value over $50M.
  • Mentored CEO / Founder of startup Leapfrog Lighting, resulting in sale / exit to Lumenix in under 5 years.
  • Doubled production capacity annually while improving quality assurance and over 95% on-time delivery by directing implementation of LEAN manufacturing principles and continuous quality improvement initiatives. Oversaw all aspects of operations for LumenOptix.
  • Achieved 52 % compounded annual growth by identifying unique market position in the nascent energy efficient lighting retrofit in the industrial market for Westinghouse Lighting Solutions
  • Introduced 6 new fixtures by conceptualizing fixture design and cultivating supply chain relationships to aid in design, engineering, prototyping, and fabrication.

Company / Industry Experience

    • Intelligent Light Solutions, LLC
    • Westinghouse Lighting Solutions
    • LumenOptix
    • GreenBallast
    • Goodman & Company, LLC
    • Healthe by Lighting Science
    • Ketra
    • Endicott Research Group
    • Orion Lighting
    • Leapfrog Lighting

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