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This Operations Outsourcing Consultant is a seasoned leader with over 20 years of experience in Global Operations, specializing in sourcing, procurement, and manufacturing strategies to drive major supply chain transformations. They have directed a global team across ten countries for a leading PC and peripheral manufacturer, implementing sourcing, procurement, and manufacturing operations that reduced costs by 11% and improved throughput performance by 7%. This Consultant continuously seeks opportunities to implement cutting-edge strategies that address the evolving challenges of the supply chain landscape. Their commitment to excellence and continuous improvement has earned them a reputation as a trusted advisor and leader in the industry.


  • Strategic Thinking
  • Leading Change
  • Driving Results
  • Leadership Operational Excellence
  • Scaling
  • Resilient
  • Continuous Improvement

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Directed an international team of thirty resources in ten countries across three continents for a Global PC and Peripheral manufacturer, defined and implemented their Sourcing, Procurement and Global Manufacturing Operations to execute optimal changes. 
  • Implemented redesign, encompassing manufacturing engineering, supply forecasting, and securing consensus for the Contract Manufacturer (ODM), procurement operations, fulfillment, and logistics operations.  
  • Reduced costs by 11% and improved thru-put performance by 7%.
  • Self-Directed leader who implements innovative strategies with clients to help them improve supply chain operations, business performance, operating model changes, process realignment, and targeted technology enablement; looking to bring my expertise in selective outsourcing of manufacturing, supply chain, and operational performance to a progressive organization. 
  • Specializing in assisting clients with strategy programs and creating the vision and value proposition to launch business transformation initiatives leveraging Business Intelligence Solutions. Responsible for managing teams of 5 to 150.
    • Industrial Component Manufacturer – Delivered a Sourcing and Procurement transformation for the Client’s supply chain operations comprising of 13 manufacturing sites on 3 continents. 
    • Reviewed and implemented a digital plan for $3B in client’s spend, including 25,000 SKU, identified key sourcing opportunities using an 80/20 strategy, and created a multi-pronged strategy which generated savings of 12.5%. 
    • Deployed the new Sourcing organization, interaction model with engineering, process improvements, and system enhancements. 
    • Global Server Manufacturer – Drove an initiative focused on increasing the thru-put throughout the company’s network of warehouses and optimized the defining processes within the company and the warehouse. 
    • Digitized the procurement processes which enabled a cost reduction in the warehouse of 21% 
    • Redesigned the yard management, inbound receipt, put away procedures for further cost reduction and an increase in quality 
  • Served as a senior executive in a Global Center of Competency, driving teams in the Next Generation Supply Chain platform and services as a solution for all industries, leveraging IBM Watson Predictive and Cognitive analytics, internet of things data and devices (IoT), IBM Watson IoT partners, and cloud technologies. 
    • Developed a digital platform which focused on AHU maintenance on buildings.  Took disparate information and put in in a single platform for monitoring.  Developed alerts on building equipment.    This allowed the client to speed up the time in maintenance and move to a more proactive model. 
    • Consumer Goods Company – Conducted a cost take out program which was focused on reducing the end-to-end supply chain costs, specific focus was co-manufacturing/packing facilities, warehousing and transportation. 
    • Identified cost savings in co-manufacturing facilities in the range of 5-8% 
    • Reorganized the logistics network and ownership model which produced 19% savings. 
  • Governed as the senior Management Consulting executive for Operations and Supply Chain, assisting clients with formulating and implementing large-scale supply chain and manufacturing transformation initiatives. 
    • Cable and Wireless Provider – Streamlined infrastructure spares management, developed a national spares and set-top box network, installed spare parts planning and inventory visibility capabilities, and led contract renegotiation teams. 
    • Reduced spare inventory by 31%, with no impact on service levels, improved set-top repair turnaround time by 50%, and reduced service contract costs by 13%. 
  • Directed a team of Supply Chain consulting experts focused on developing end-to-end supply chain solutions for clients of Flextronics, a $28B Electronics Manufacturing Services provider. 
    • Computer Peripheral Manufacturer – Developed strategies determining what process to be outsourced and which should be retained in-house. Consolidated NPI moved them to a single site with a single control, consolidated manufacturing, and fulfillment operations into an EMS (JDM) operation. 
    • Improved yields (5%), improved order TAT (33%), increased inventory turns (11%), and cost reduction (13%). 
  • Responsible for defining and leading DHL’s Logistics services effort in the Americas with a specific focus on logistics consulting, service parts management, reverse logistics, and electronics repair. Managed a network of 148 logistics centers and seven direct reports with a staff of 150 direct employees.
    • Expanded the network from two locations to 148, increased revenues by 72%, and turned the operation from a net loss to +16% CM.  


  • Executive Principal
  • Partner – Watson loT and Supply Chain Consulting
  • Senior Manager
  • Vice President of Operations
  • Managing Director

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