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This POD Health Consultant pioneered, transformed, and scaled operational workflows for the two verticals for POD health -Virtual medical practice and Remote monitoring program. This Consultant grew the virtual medical practice patient volume from N-0 to close to 1000 patients by Q-2. They drove enrollment for Remote patient monitoring with close to 700 patients in a billing cycle in first two quarters. They worked closely with C-suite to drive growth and efficiency assuming fiscal responsibility of budgeting and resource management. Hiring and direct oversight of team of 20 clinical and business direct reports including providers, site managers, nurses, and medical assistants. This Consultant collaborated with marketing and branding VPs to develop go to market strategy and build brand value for new service offerings in the health tech space. They established close relationships with vendor partners such as RPM partners, EMR partners, CRM partners, Laboratory and Radiology partners.  They also ignited steady stream of referrals by building and nurturing partnerships with physicians’ groups, urgent care centers, nursing homes, payers, and home health agencies.


  • Team Leadership & Direction 
  • Operations Management & Control 
  • Performance Evaluation & Optimization 
  • Quality assurance 
  • Critical Problem Resolution 
  • Cross-functional Collaboration 
  • Strategic Planning & Execution 
  • Process improvement 
  • Analytical Thinking 
  • Cost Control & Minimization 
  • Technical Support & Integration 
  • Client engagement 

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Collaborated with CHHA organizations, provide exceptional consulting as well as clinical services. Drove business success by identifying gaps in care delivery, optimizing workflow efficiency, driving clinical operations, and facilitating business development. Subject matter expert on home health sector and care coordination. 
    • Established strong partnerships with home care agencies to boost organizational growth. 
    • Maximized client satisfaction and loyalty through implementation of patient-centric approach and delivery of outstanding customer service. 
    • Identified and capitalized profitable opportunities by conducting competitive analysis aimed at reducing costs without sacrificing quality of services. 
  • Oversight and direction clinical utilization in efficient manner. Ensured effective clinical utilization and care management through authorization for case rate payer contracts with multiple insurance payers and care management for field staff and/or managed care organizations. Prevented hospitalization by utilizing evidence-based practices to manage individuals’ care..  
    • Metrics Achieved: Optimal utilization by clinical workforce. (Financial measure), Improved patient outcomes and experiences using telehealth (outcome measure), reduce hospital readmissions using care coordination telephonic touch points. (Outcome measure). 
  • Accelerated patient recovery speed by performing clinical evaluations and treatments of acute care and post-surgical patients. Increased overall operational effectiveness by creating collaborative working environment through new hire training and mentorship. Improved quality of life and patient safety as well as minimized hospitalizations with keen focus on improving patient experience. 
    • Metrics achieved: Timely initiation of care (process measure), Improvement in functional scores (outcome measure), Improved VNSNY star ratings. 
  • Worked closely in chronic cane management space to provide high quality outcome driven care delivery , efficient and equitable holistic care while minimizing health care disparities and improving patient experiences with focus on patient enrollment, patient retention and patient experiences with a goal to reduce hospital readmissions and unnecessary ER visits. 
    • Metrics achieved: Engagement rate -Exceeded target goal with 25% of plan members enrolled vs target of 20%, Quality of life (QOL) score 4 to 5 at completion of program (Likert 5-point scale) 
    • Worked in tandem with Endocrinology group practice to establish Diabetic and Neuropathy rehabilitation practice from the ground up.  
    • Strategically managed Physical Therapy Services operations with a strong emphasis on revenue cycle management at front end and back end, proactively identifying and resolving bottlenecks such as payment issues to recover lost revenue.
    • Metrics achieved: Reduced percentage of total AR balance 13% to 10%, Improved net collections rate from 95% to 97%, Denial rate maintained below 4%, Reduced patient wait time (process and patient satisfaction measure). 
  • Partnered with Rehabilitation Supervisor to cultivate a team environment focused on patient outcomes while ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations.    
  • Metrics achieved: Reduce hospital readmission rate, reduce average length of stay at SNF, Improve case mix index. 


  • Managing Director
  • Physical Therapist
  • Clinic Utilization Manager
  • Physical Therapy Manager

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