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This Quality Control Consultant is a dedicated Senior Construction Consultant with a passion for excellence. For over 33 years, their career has been deeply involved in a range of projects, from commercial buildings to the personalized touch of residential constructions. What truly energizes them are the relationships they’ve built along the way. They collaborated closely with General Contractors, developers/builders, construction GL insurance firms, owner’s representatives, and industry material manufacturers has not only enriched my professional life but also significantly contributed to the success of each project. These connections are the backbone of their career, providing a rich tapestry of experiences and learning opportunities that continue to inspire them every day. Their journey in construction has been diverse and fulfilling, focusing on ensuring the highest standards of quality control, offering insightful consulting, and driving business development forward. Over the decades, this consultant had the privilege of steering projects from their first sketches to their final brick, covering every step—estimating, contracting, managing costs, mitigating risks, scheduling, overseeing construction processes, and ensuring a smooth close-out. Their dedication to excellence and a deep understanding of the intricacies of construction have been their guiding stars. 


  • Budgets
  • Sales
  • Teamwork
  • Residential Homes
  • Commercial Construction
  • Proposal Writing
  • Team Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Problem Solving

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Specialize in offering clients high-level consultative services. This includes meticulous document review, conducting building observations with comprehensive documentation and reporting, and efficiently managing and scheduling testing services. Their role is pivotal in developing specialized scopes of work tailored for project-level implementation, ensuring quality and precision in construction projects. Their expertise supports clients in achieving their objectives through detailed oversight and strategic planning. 
  • Invited to return to ABCO: Played a pivotal role in the acquisition and integration process following   
    the purchase of the company, showcasing leadership and strategic foresight. 
  • Engaged in field operations, focusing on key clients and commercial construction projects,   
    ensuring high-quality execution and client satisfaction.
  • Invited back to ABCO post-economic downturn to replenish resources and further develop client relationships. 
  • Developed and grew existing business through insurance driven requirements and expansion of  existing developer, insurance broker, and general contractor relationships into multiple regions. 
  • Projects included High rise, commercial style condo projects in multiple states with over 7,000   
    units contracted. 
  • Received multiple promotions in recognition of outstanding performance and contributions. 
  • Elevated to Business Development, achieving consistent year-over-year sales growth.  
  • Managed quality control for field construction, overseeing products from three U.S.-based   
    manufacturing facilities for multifamily projects across the central and western U.S., particularly in the mountain region.  
  • Identified and reported product deficiencies to manufacturing facilities, ensuring documented corrective actions.  
  • Conducted mock-up reviews, coordinated third-party schedules, and oversaw reporting.  
  • Supervised corrective repairs and maintained comprehensive documentation of all actions.  
  • Recruited by AGW post-construction downturn to spearhead the development of a new service line, expanding the existing suite of services. 
  • Concrete Precast production facility, casting pretensioned bridge girders, deck panels and made-to-order special products. Managed production and Quality control. Excellent understanding of concrete characteristics, mix design and bridge construction. 
  • Involved with all aspects of construction processes on small commercial style and traditional wood frame construction projects. Responsible for bidding, contracting, scheduling and executing field work. 
  • Worked on several medium sized (5-20 mil) projects supporting site teams with pay applications, project document control, estimating and document review. Managed subcontractors to help maintain schedules and maintain budgets. Project managed smaller projects from estimating to project close-out. 
  • Field Engineer responsible for VE changes, pay applications for TxDOT and generated time studies for bridge deck demolition and concrete paving activities. Actively participated in estimating and bidding TxDOT highway projects, Corps of Engineers (COE) projects and private investment group infrastructure highway projects. Worked as Quality Control Engineer on COE project performing inspections and reporting back to COE and GC. 


  • Business Development Manager
  • Regional Construction Quality Manager
  • Senior Estimator
  • Technical Services
  • Field Inspector
  • Production Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Project Engineer

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