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This M&A expert consultant in the Semiconductor industry has 15+ years of experience in establishing and leading high performing teams in semiconductor capital equipment industry. He has held senior leadership roles in General Mangement, Product Management, and R&D; highly active in M&A across all the roles.

He has led multiple M&A engagements from preliminary sourcing/screening, detailed due diligence, to partnering & working with CEO/founders of acquired firms, resulting in complete organizational integration. The size of the acquisition deals have varied from $8M/5 employees up to $65M/50+ employees.

He has a good understanding of numerous hardware and software technologies and with his wide range of experience can comfortably colloborate with all the functional groups from Finance & Marketing to Operations & Engineering. His technology focus and experience has been with Vision based systems (Optics, Imaging, Lasers, Staging, Motion Controllers, etc.) and Semiconductor Automation platforms (material handling Robots).

He has a network of Sales and Business development contacts within the industry to source leads and identify potential acquisition candidates.

His M&A experience includes conducting research on target companies, performing business analysis & financial modeling using key metrics (such as Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return) to evaluate the investments.


  • 15+ years of experience
  • M&A Evaluation – Due diligence, Financial Modeling
  • Acquisition Integration • Semiconductor Industry (Capital Equipment) background
  • P&L Ownership
  • Skilled in Product Management

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Acquisition of a German company (35 Employees, Deal Size: $15M)
    • Discovered and researched the target company at a trade show in Europe; worked with the local Sales team to make first contact with founders of the acquiring firm.
    • Performed financial modeling working closely with CFO to evaluate the attractiveness of the investment.
    • Consulted and worked with a German Employment law firm to understand the intricacies of local law to structure the employment contracts of the German employees.
    • Ended up being the General Manager of the acquired firm, lived in Germany for a year and transitioned the entire business to the US.
  • Acquisition of a MA based start-up (5 Employees, Deal Size: $6M)
    • Discovered the start-up by following up on a lead from a customer. Engaged with the founder from Day 1 and worked with C-Suite to close the deal.
    • Goal was to acquire/transition the technology and integrate it to our platform.
    • Led the integration team and worked with Marketing/Product Management to commercialize the new offering.
  • Conducted research on numerous potential candidates for acquisition, that has materialized into 9 acquisitions over a 11-year period; 3 of which Chet spearheaded.


  • Director, Automation Center of Excellence
  • General Manager, Nanophotonics Group
  • Director, Product Owner – M&A Integration
  • Program Manager, Process Control Group


  • MBA
  • Master of Science in Software Engineering
  • Certified Project Management Professional, PMP

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