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Chemical expert consultant with diverse expertise in specialty chemical product development, process improvement, Green chemistry and low VOC products. Formulation work in Water based Adhesives, Silicone defoamers, Disinfectant cleaners, Dispersants and StaPut putty. Silicone, hydrophobic silica, and surfactant based products designed for the adhesive, coating, plumbing and construction industries.


  • Green technology and chemistry
  • Water Based Adhesives
  • Silicone Defoamers
  • Disinfectant cleaners
  • Zero-VOC Silicone Grease
  • ISO9001 auditor
  • Continuous Improvement

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Established LLC to provide value added formula & process modifications for adhesive and coating companies and distributors. Conducting projects to optimize rheology, and total cost/performance. Marketing Green technology (AQuaVerde products) for adhesive removal and disinfectant cleaners. Substitute TEACHER (CE in HS Chemistry) and tutor for Chemistry, Biochemistry, and STEM subjects at Cranford, Kenilworth and Springfield Jonathan Dayton schools. Mr. MARIN makes Science and Math “Real” for students.
  • Developed new Zero-VOC SILICONE GREASE with excellent hydrophobic properties. Major process improvements for StaPut putty, Hercules d-Limonene based cleaners, furnace cement and sealants sold to plumbing and HVAC outlets. StaPut is now THE industry leader. Certified as ISO9001:2008 auditor, conducting internal continuous improvement audits. Approved chemical suppliers, and prepared Engineering Change Notices for surfactants.
  • Evaluating adhesive, coating, and ink properties for PET film/paperboard laminations. Improving process, reducing cost and resolving customer complaints on holographic folding cartons sold to US, Canada and Mexico facilities. Chairman of Quality Assurance meetings. Supervised two quality assurance technicians. End product uses – toothcare and cosmetics packaging.
  • North America tech contact on defoamer, surfactant, hydrophobic silica, and silicone products for adhesive, coating, ink, polymer and construction industries. Developed free-flowing powder defoamer for construction. Toll manufacturer qualification for Gold standard coating defoamers.
  • Internal consultant roles including plant management, greenfield facility expansions, international MFG and DC start-ups, and Corporate ERP conversion to SAP supporting the production planning and materials/warehouse management integrations.
  • Management philosophy is driven to succeed and not afraid to fail, I use an action-oriented, teamwork approach to process improvement and floor-level associate engagement.


  • Adhesive Consultant
  • Senior Product Development / Process Chemist
  • Quality Manager – Laminations and Coating Products
  • Senior Chemist
  • Tech Manager
  • R&D Group Leader

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