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This consultant is a very accomplished senior financial executive with over 20 years of diverse experiences in over 15 industries and sectors, the last 10 years in nonprofit organizations. He has been CFO and Controller for nonprofit entities of over $ 500 Million in annual operating budgets a year, and he has managed endowments, pension funds and investments for a combined total of over $ 1 Billion, including a self-funded pension fund of close to $700 Million in AUM. He has conducted very collaborative, transparent and productive strategic planning, budget and forecasts processes that fostered cooperation between executives and their business units. This consultant has successfully led and implemented many process improvement changes with their respective digitial transformation initiatives. He has raised over $200 Million in many different sources of the capital stack in his career, including grants and contracts with federal, state, local governments and private philanthropic institutions. Hernan has led many clean audit processes, and he has a keen eye and acumen for the design and implementation of effective and efficient internal controls and compliance and safeguarding procedures. He is a trusted and inspiring leader, who has led, built, managed and developed multiples teams of sophisticated accounting and finance professionals that have enjoyed his open door, inclusive and resourceful management style. He has over 10 years of managing excellent relationships with Bord of Directors and investors, having himself acted as a Board Treasurer and Board member over 10 years combined for a few nonprofit institutions.


  • 20+ years of experience
  • Senior Finance leader
  • Very diverse nonprofit, government, and for-profit background
  • Plans strategically; acts operationally
  • Skilled in process improvement and knowledgeable on several IT systems
  • Pension and Endowment funds experience

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Provided leadership and technical expertise in a $500 Million global organization with accounting and finance staff in 30 countries who were lacking direction. Worked with his 7 Senior Directors to include them in the redesign of the 100 team members International Finance area; create and implement a new budget and planning process that linked with the new strategy pillars; establish trust, cooperation and credibility that was non-existent before between the critical Programs division and Finance; appoint and promote 2 new Senior leaders due to attrition and vacancies; negotiated salaries for 2 key staffers to retain talent in the group and updated compensation table to confront Great Resignation issues; created a task force to lead the new design and implementation of a future ERP for the organization that operated with disjointed accounting systems.
  • Secured additional new critical sources of funding working collaboratively with the CEOs, Strategy, Development and Program Executives in several organizations, providing necessary leadership to determine and select proper level of risk and proper level of internal controls and safeguards to implement to manage additional resources.
  • Uncovered $11 Million in recorded liabilities that were not effectively owed to any legal entity, saving a large amount of inappropriately recognized expenses, and freeing up much needed financial capacity to negotiate real labor cost factors with unions.
  • Led a successful M&A integration process, by identifying critical assets missing in the original MOU of the deal, completing all required due diligence items to assure closure of the deal, including closing the books for 2019 and 2020, and successfully obtaining a clean audit opinion from the external auditors on those two years financial statements.


  • CFO, Mercy Corps, global NGO with a $ 500 Million annual operating budget
  • Controller, Catholic Charities / Center for Youth Wellness
  • Budget Director, Alameda – Contra Costa Transit District (givernment agency with a $ 500 Million annual budget and a $700 Million pension fund
  • Director of Fiscal Oversight, Alameda County Office of Education, assigned to oversee large school district of $ 565 Million annual budget

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