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This Urban Design Consultant is an urban designer and landscape architect with in-depth, multidisciplinary training in design and planning. Since 2010, he has worked for renowned design practices, delivering creative design solutions for diverse projects across the East and West, from public spaces to waterfront revitalization and transition-oriented developments. As a designer, he is passionate about creating human-centric design solutions for climate-adaptive, socially resilient, environmentally sustainable, and economically prosperous urban habitats. As an urbanist, he enjoys deciphering cities through various urban studies and analyses.

Originally trained in Architecture and Urbanism, his journey began with specializations in design, planning, and theory for rapid urbanization and industrialization. After completing his initial master’s degree in Landscape and Urbanism in London, his commitment to urban equality and climate resilience led him back to academia at Columbia GSAPP. Having lived, worked, and studied in Asia, Europe, and North America, he has encountered urban environments in diverse socio-economic conditions. This journey has provided him with unique insights into various aspects of built environments and nurtured his interest in addressing critical urban issues amid contemporary challenges such as climate change, urbanization, and social equality.

He has cultivated expertise by integrating design, planning, and urban studies across disciplines. Currently, he actively contributes to research and design on climate adaptations and inequality. He always looks forward to expanding his experiences, tackling new challenges, and embracing opportunities for meaningful contributions to the better quality of urban living.


  • Leadership and Communication
  • Research and Design Contributions
  • Global Exposure
  • Multidisciplinary Expertise
  • Project Experience
  • Urban Studies

Relevant Accomplishments

  • As a fellow of the Urban Design Forum, they play a pivotal role in laying the groundwork for the Rewire Program, collaborating with a diverse and innovative group of brilliant minds, including designers, planners, researchers, scientists, and public agencies. Together, they are committed to transforming New York City’s buildings and public spaces into catalysts for a climate-positive and inclusive habitat for all its residents. 
  • They actively participate in the Connected Anchors working group, exploring ways to support neighborhood institutions in driving their carbon reductions and empowering them as conduits to local climate literacy.
  • Collaboration for Climate-Positive Urban Solutions:  
    Demonstrated expertise in collaborating with a diverse range of urban professionals for climate-positive urban solutions, with a particular focus on the decarbonization of existing urban structures. 
  • Local Law 97 Compliance Assistance:  
    Specialized focus on assisting neighborhood and community organizations with Local Law 97 compliance, ensuring alignment with the city’s climate goals. 
  • Empowering Local Climate Literacy:  
    Dedication to empowering neighborhood institutions for enhanced local climate literacy, fostering a community-wide understanding and engagement in sustainable practices. 
  • Strategic Contribution to Carbon Reduction:  
    Actively involved in the Connected Anchors working group, contributing strategically to the development of carbon reduction strategies and the promotion of local climate literacy. 
  • In this fellowship, they are part of Cohort 5, driven by a passion for industry-oriented knowledge building in climate adaptation and mitigation. Their goal is to facilitate the transfer of innovative ideas, knowledge, and technologies into actionable solutions and change the business-as-usual practices in urban climate adaptive and mitigation strategies. They actively contribute to these endeavors by engaging in expert sessions, undertaking impactful projects, and connecting with leaders across diverse industries in the US and beyond. 
  • With a background in multidisciplinary design, planning, and research for city-making, I am eager to channel my enthusiasm into making a substantial impact in the field of climate action. Their focus extends beyond the climate industry to actively contributing my knowledge and skills to drive climate action at an industry level and instigate the transformation of business practices. 
  • In collaboration with like-minded professionals and through partnerships with various stakeholders, I aim to make a meaningful contribution to the ongoing discourse and progress in the climate sector.
  • Passion for Industry-Oriented Knowledge Building: Demonstrates a passion for acquiring industry-specific knowledge in climate adaptation and mitigation. 
  • Innovation Transfer: Proven ability to translate innovative concepts, knowledge, and technologies into practical applications. 
  • Active Engagement in Expert Sessions: Engages in expert sessions, showcasing a commitment to continuous learning and staying informed about industry developments. 
  • Impactful Project Undertakings: Has experience in undertaking impactful projects, indicating a hands-on approach to applying acquired knowledge. 
  • Networking and Collaboration Skills: Proven ability to connect with leaders across diverse industries, highlighting effective networking skills. 


  • Fellow
  • Design Consultant
  • Research Consultant
  • Urban Designer
  • Healthcare Site Planning
  • Project Designer
  • Landscape Architect

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