Healthcare Supply Chain Expert

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Healthcare Supply Chain Expert #01033


This Healthcare Supply Chain Expert has extensive knowledge and expertise in healthcare operations with a
concentration in group purchasing, strategic sourcing, data analytics, and vendor relations. They are recognized
for providing sound operational and financial recommendations to help clients improve their margins, meet
customer demands, and succeed into the future. They have proven leadership skills with the ability to work in a
team environment and effectively collaborate and communicate with all levels of staff and management.


  • 22+ years of healthcare supply chain experience –
    includes 9 years of group purchasing (GPO) and 7
    years of hospital materials management experience
  • Group purchasing (GPO) consulting
  • Supply chain/purchasing consulting
  • Provided cost savings through clinical effectiveness,
    product utilization, and practice variation review
  • Business terms and conditions expertise
  • Go-to-market guidance and marketing strategy
  • Market research expertise

Relevant Accomplishments

  • On behalf of 14,500 member facilities across all 50 states, responsible for the development and execution of the GPO’s data-driven contracting strategy.
  • Managed the financial performance of the GPO’s $3.7B contract portfolio, ensuring price competitiveness while maximizing revenue and savings.
  • Responsible for 2,100 supplier contracts across 900 vendors.
  • Directly negotiated and executed final supplier contracts generating over $1.4B in sales and $2.2M in revenue.
  • Documented over $96M in contract savings over each of the past 3 fiscal years.
  • Negotiated $1B pharmacy distribution contract resulting in $30M+ savings.
  • Participated in several national GPO (Premier, Inc.) sourcing committees.
  • Managed and directed all procurement, inventory management, storage, and distribution activities for non-profit community hospital in New Hampshire.
  • Successfully and efficiently managed $5.5M annual hospital inventory supply budget.
  • Chaired Value Analysis Committee meetings, as well as worked with all department heads to identify opportunities for service improvements, cost reductions, and product standardization.
  • Provide Value Analysis and Group Purchasing Organizations consulting insight for a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional, collaborative consortium that provides infrastructure, expert consultation, and execution of technology translation and commercialization to innovators of pediatric technologies.

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