Interim and Fractional VP Sales

A man and a woman, dressed in business attire, shaking hands and smiling in a bright, modern office lobby. The man is the Interim VP Sales.

Fractional VP Sales – Interim Sales Executive Leadership

Create A Sales Engine For Growth

When you ask most small or mid-sized businesses about the challenges, they face almost all of them mention sales and sales management.  Many small and mid-sized businesses have leadership that have grown up in operational, marketing or technical role and are facing sales challenges that they have not faced in prior experiences. For as little at 10-20 hours a month a fractional VP of Sales can increase sales performance from sales lead generation, opportunity development, close rate, and total sales.

At M&A we have a large network of successful interim sales executives who are willing to work on a fractional basis to help you drive the revenue growth you need.  Our Interim VP of Sales executives are “hands-on” leaders that can work side-by-side with your sales team and mentor and coach them to improved sales.

Our group of interim and fractional sales executives have experience in almost all industries and we work with our interim sales leaders to develop a customized plan that meets your exact sales leadership needs.  Our interim sales leaders are flexible and hands-on willing to do whatever it takes to advance sales.

  • Design, Develop, and implement a core capabilities / application presentation for selling to customers and prospects
  • Develop customized selling process
  • Sales coaching and mentoring
  • Sales Plan Development
  • Lead effort for sales resource expansion – selecting and engaging the right sales and marketing resources (e.g., lead generation, hiring sales professionals)
  • Attending or leading key sales meetings
  • Contribute leads to the sales process leveraging personal relationships
  • Set-up and manage an on-going process for measuring sales performance

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The following are Interim and Fractional VP Sales examples from M&A’s network

Retail Ecommerce Expert Consultant