Loyalty & Database Marketing Expert


Loyalty & Database Marketing Expert #01015


This Loyalty Marketing Expert has always been about translating “what’s new” into actionable sales and marketing strategies designed to grow the business both horizontally and vertically. They are 100% customer and team focused, recognizing that if customers do not grow, the team and the business will not grow. Their belief is that growth comes from visionary leadership; understanding the changing marketplace dynamics and identifying the tools available to affect change.


  • Pioneer in loyalty marketing
  • Thought Leader in Internet marketing
  • Entrepreneur business leader
  • Business writer – articles and Blogs
  • Pioneer in database marketing
  • Creative marketing strategist in multiple industries
  • Skilled presenter on stage and in the boardroom
  • Non-profit/Association leadership

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Grew a single owner marketing consultancy into a 2+ million dollar direct marketing agency specializing in database marketing for specialty retailers.
  • Designed and introduced “Everyday Marketing,” a system utilizing real-time transaction triggers to allow clients to stay connected with and to reward their clients on a timely basis.
  • Helped clients transition from advertising and direct mail to Internet activities ranging from email to website development to social media, evolving with the new technologies to meet the needs of changing consumers.
  • Named 2012 “Supplier of the Year for Outstanding Service” by one of the largest U.S. beauty salon chains.
  • Was the direct marketing agency for the largest North American beauty supply distributor for eleven years. Developed and executed a chain wide direct marketing program that netted over $15 million in annual profits.
  • Designed the first multi-concept loyalty program for a 1,200 store specialty retailer operating four different retail concepts and transformed a program losing $600,000 annually to become a $1.2 million profit center in less than a year.
  • Transformed a small market auditing firm into a retail merchandising, audit, and research agency; increased revenues by 70%.
  • Led the sales initiatives with marketing that successfully launched three new brands that each generated over $50 million in annual revenues within the first year after launch.
  • Initiated sales department practices that saved the company over $1 million annually in excess sales and distribution costs and grew sales productivity by 9%.
  • Inherited a sales division ranked 19th out of 21 divisions and grew it to a rank of third in three years.
  • Managed the forecasting and inventory management system that successfully launched the first commercially successful porous pen product that doubled the company’s business.
  • Created one of the first computer generated sales reporting systems in the packaged goods industry, replacing paper-based call-in activities.

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