Manufacturing Operations Expert

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This operations manufacturing expert is a seasoned manufacturing operations leader that has led small to
medium sized manufacturing organizations to growth objectives as well as improvements in delivery and cost.
He has led transformations to realize substantial growth and improved efficiency. This was accomplished
through leading facilities layout design and reconfiguration, developing a supportive and responsive supply
chain and developing and executing on staff planning. Skilled at problem solving and finding the right approach
to meet initial need while discovering and implementing a sustainable solution for the long term. This
operations expert is a hands-on leader that takes a collaborative approach and leads by example. He also takes
decisive action to move quickly. He has a strong business acumen and understands the role operations has in
delivering world class products and service, that ultimately leads to organizational growth.


  • 17+ years of operations leadership
  • Gas and electric appliance experience
  • 10+ years of Lean application
  • Hands-on leadership approach
  • Leadership in start-up companies
  • Supply and demand planning
  • Process development
  • Optimizing facilities layout and design

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Contributed more than 5000 hours of operational efficiencies each year through process improvements using lean techniques.
  • Reduced leased warehouse space by more than 50% by analyzing use of production and warehouse space while improving material flow.
  • Managed new products into manufacturing operations. Worked with product development teams for smooth transition into manufacturing and to meet customer demand.
  • Ramped up manufacturing line to meet 10x volume increase.
  • Developed inventory control system that led to significant improvements in inventory accuracy.
  • Improved On-Time delivery from 65% to 98%.
  • Reduced module cycle times to 3 hours by implementing an internal Kanban system that allowed sub-assemblies to be pulled into the continuous flow cells.
  • Created a scalable manufacturing operation that delivered a revenue increase of 3,104% over a five year period.
  • Developed relationships and material agreements with suppliers to help optimize inventory in an emerging and unpredictable market.

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