Medical Device Marketing Expert

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Medical Device Marketing Expert #01022


This Medical Device Marketing Expert has a strong ability to translate big picture into relevant and meaningful actions. Her work enables organizations to achieve significant growth and operational improvement. A strategic thinker and effective communicator who is influential, flexible, and passionate about strategy, marketing, and delivering results. With particular strengths in strategic and marketing planning, they effectively works across organizations to identify and prioritize initiatives, form teams, and execute on goals to achieve measurable results.


  • 20+ years of experience in prosthetics, orthotics, rehabilitation, and orthopedics
  • Marketing to orthotists, prosthetists, doctors, patients, military, and other stakeholders
  • Strategic Planning & Execution
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Plans, Processes, Assessments
  • New Product Launch
  • Project Leadership
  • Due Diligence | M&A Integration
  • Business Case Development
  • Work with adult and pediatric devices

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Accelerated most critical annual incremental growth goals for each business unit by developing and prioritizing key strategic business initiatives with business unit executives and shared services leaders. Drove bi-monthly execution and accountability of goals, resulting in additive YTD revenues of >$10M.
  • Launched industry-leading product, resulting in multi-million-dollar growth; established market and channel plans, pricing, forecasting, marketing campaigns.
  • Achieved double-digit revenue growth and profits in single-digit growth market through product launches.
  • Drove turn-around of newly acquired third-party insurance billing operation of orthopedic business, successfully integrating shared services and establishing company culture locally, for short-term assignment.
  • Built and mentored strong, experienced team in billing operations, deploying new medical billing system, establishing employee compliance training programs, and upgrading processes to meet accreditation.
  • Designed and implemented new loaner program for hi-tech products to improve turnaround times and ease-of-business for customers, resulting in 95% of customers signing up, elimination of loaner knee waiting times, and reduction of outstanding loaner knee units by almost 25%.

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