Medical Equipment Sales Expert

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Medical Equipment Sales Expert #01020


This Medical Equipment Sales Expert is focused on creating sales opportunities and building revenues for young companies. He offers a strong base of sales, marketing & distribution management experience in Durable Medical Equipment and orthopedics. A forward-thinking agent that focuses on executing the sales plan, he has created new distribution models and new sales strategies providing increased value in early stage companies. Through his customer-focused management style, he successfully develops key relationships and opens new sales channels.


  • 25+ years experience
  • Strategic marketer
  • Sales Trainer & presenter
  • Distribution builder
  • Skilled consultative sales style
  • Acute & chronic care experience

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Initiated first revenues for multiple companies.
  • Established and trained independent distributors within Durable Medical Equipment industry.
  • Created, marketed and managed numerous promotional events including trade shows, industry conferences, physician CME courses, labs and group sales presentations.
  • Presented DME product to multiple VA physical therapy departments across U.S. and often included staff from P.T., O.T., and Nursing, as well as physical medicine and rehab (PM&R) physicians.
  • Created a "patient-direct " marketing strategy to drive patients to providers.
  • Shortened the VA vendor registration process by developing internal VA relationships and creating advocates.
  • Initiated first revenues with both the VA Health System and the U.S. Army.
  • Challenged established Medicare vendor guidelines with regional carrier, and because of a strong relationship with the local Director, successfully convinced them to change qualification criteria so company would qualify.
  • Educated case management nurses on Durable Medical Equipment product while establishing revenues directly with insurance companies.
  • Developed and executed early stage sales & marketing plans that have included multi-point distribution utilizing distributors, VA system, direct sales representatives, and insurance companies. 

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