Retail & E-commerce Finance Expert

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Retail & E-Commerce Finance Expert #01009


This retail and e-commerce finance expert has extensive industry experience is in the retail-consumer space with significant experience in “big-box” retailing, high-density, small-format retaling, and strategies with an integration of eCommerce with stores. His industry passion is in the Outdoor Lifestyle sector, specifically hunting, shooting and firearms. He has led the financial operations for businesses entering eCommerce and helped the organizations build the necessary financial and risk management processes.


  • Lean Manufacturing / Six Sigma Master Brown Belt
  • Motivating and Mentoring
  • Contract Development / Negotiations
  • Kepner Tregoe Decision Analysis

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Transformed the accounting unit of a company carved-out from a larger parent company into a successful SEC reporting unit managing SOX requirements and Investor Relations support.
  • Integral part of financial team that grew eCommerce business from $72m to $180m.
  • Participated in significant customer research project that established customer segmentation and defined strategies for assortment planning and merchandising in stores. Basis for a shift in strategy to pursue higher demographic and led to development of new store concepts.
  • Led retail credit program that maximized integration of credit offering into store operations and daily culture. Significantly improved customer engagement in the loyalty program, resulting in incremental sales penetration at store level.
  • Initiated supplier profitability effort that evaluated a supplier’s worth to the company, incorporating product returns, supply chain costs, vendor allowance programs, cost of ordering, EDI costs, vendor consolidation and costs of exception processing. Resulted in $1mm + margin improvement.

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