Are Fractional & Interim Executives Right for Your Company?

Person passing a document across a busy office table with laptops, phones, and paperwork managed by fractional and interim executives.

How Can Small and Mid-sized Companies Benefit from Fractional & Interim Executives?

Small and medium-sized organizations often lack the scale and budget to add full-time, experienced employees to deal with emerging changes in their businesses such as:

  • High seasonal demands
  • Addressing key, emerging issues
  • Building scalable processes as the business grows
  • Advancing new initiatives critical for growth and profitability

Additionally, it can often be difficult to hire a professional with the experience you need because the position is not attractive to the right professionals due to the challenge, pay, or long-term viability of the role.

Many small and medium-sized companies in this situation often “settle” by either having their current employees wear more hats and take on initiatives where they lack experience, or by hiring professionals with less experience than they actually need for the business.

Your Answer Should Be Fractional & Interim Roles

Instead of “settling,” situations like this offer a tremendous opportunity for small and medium-sized companies to fill their gaps with fractional and interim professionals. This enables these organizations to get the knowledge and experience they need that fits their budget constraints. It’s typically more productive to have a seasoned professional that has “been there and done that” for 2-3 days a week or for a 3 month interim role than hiring a lesser talent full time.

At M&A Executive Search & Consulting we have helped and witnessed these smaller enterprises successfully advance their businesses by leveraging highly experienced professionals in fractional and interim roles and make this tactic part of their resource model as they grow.

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