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This Interim Operations Leader is a dynamic and collaborative operations expert leader with well over 20+ years working in the manufacturing Industry, with a proven track record as a turnaround result driven person that, provides support to mid to large manufacturing companies, looking to take their business to the next level. He specializes in providing quick turnaround solutions in the ever-changing world we live in today.  He is a master at understanding businesses processes, with a clear understanding of solving complex problems, in today’s manufacturing markets. His leadership approach is collaborative, team building to promote buy-in and ownership within the organization. With over 20+ years working in the manufacturing Industry, has given him an edge to quickly identify opportunities, with paving the way for manufacturing companies to be on the path to becoming a World Class Leader within their Industry.


  • 30+ years of experience leading manufacturing
  • 15 years of turnaround experience
  • Expert in maximizing productivity & efficiency
  • Over 20+ years in delivering improved bottom line results
  • Capacity Planning
  • 15 years working in the fabrication / machining industry
  • ISO / Quality Management Systems / SOP’s
  • ERP Integration & Development
  • Lean Implementation
  • Results Driven

Relevant Accomplishments

  • Successfully elevated multiple midsize manufacturing companies to the next level through change management, continues process improvements, developing KPI’s, that align with the overall goals & objectives of the business.
  • Improved OTD from 50% to 95% for multiple companies through process Improvements, SOP’s, systems, and Implementing Lean concepts & principles.
  • Spearheaded change management through collaboration / team building through data driven processes, that fosters a culture of change.
  • Successfully driven productivity & efficiency gains on average of 25% through the means of continuous process improvements, identifying and removing bottlenecks.
  • Successfully transitioned companies over my career which translated into increased revenues, improved bottom-line results, through quickly Identifying gaps in processes with a clear understanding of the solution(s) that provides the right Infrastructure for growth & opportunity.
  • Successfully led multiple companies through plant expansions to increase capacity to support market growth.
  • Spearheaded ERP system Integration & development to increase performance, with reducing non-value added manual processes to increase efficiency within supporting departments. i.e; Sales, Supply Chain, Engineering, Quality & Production execution.
  • Successfully doubled companies’ revenues in under 2 years, through systems and proven processes that work.
  • Have worked with small businesses as well as with large corporations, with a clear understanding of the dynamics of both.
  • Successfully mentored & trained managers at all levels driving ownership / champions.
  • Successfully spearheaded ISO audits / internal audits to remain ISO complaint.


  • Manufacturing Consultant
  • VP of Operations
  • Director of Operations
  • Plant Manager
  • Senior Operations Manager
  • Operations Manager


  • Bachelor’s Degree in business with a Minor in Operations (San Diego State.)
  • Multiple Lean certifications
  • Management Leadership
  • Toyota Lean Training
  • Six Sigma Training

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