How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Changing Recruiting

Artificial Intelligence


Today’s recruiting systems and methods for large companies like Cisco, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, 3M, GM and countless of other companies large, medium and small are increasingly relying on artificial intelligence (AI) to sift through myriad applications and resumes to find the right fit for their companies.

What they are doing with AI is using sophisticated algorithms to screen for skill sets, experience, accomplishments, industry background and degrees to find what they think is the perfect fit for their opportunity. Companies are implementing systems that scan resumes for specific software, ERP and accounting systems experience, functional skills, industry knowledge and education for the position’s exact qualifications and background.

By using AI, are these companies missing the opportunity to interview and hire candidates for a role that may not fit all the required skill sets, experience, and educational background? Of course, and that is point of this blog: How can companies ensure they are surfacing the best talent for a role, even when applying the AI processes to the search? There are no easy answers to this dilemma, but here is some practical advice from a seasoned veteran.


The key to a successful search for an employer and employee is networking, networking and networking. As a company on the hunt for talent, be sure to work your company employees’ network– offer rewards, incentives, time off for qualified referrals of possible candidates who exhibit similar skills, attributes and personality traits of your best employees. Use your university and college alumni associations and groups, industry and trade groups and professional associations like SHRM, CPA Society, Engineering Society, Sales and Marketing Advisory Groups and so on.

Study, learn and utilize LinkedIn

The number one professional networking group in the world. Publish, post and update who, what, where and why you are looking and then sell the sizzle of the job. Be active in online groups, chat rooms and industry forums – go where the experts are and establish yourself as an expert – get known in your industry and functional area.

Put the “human” back in human resources

Have your recruiters look for candidates who might be outside the box in terms of the exact skills you’re looking for, but who fit your culture. Look for candidates who will buy in to team building, team play, consensus building—who are collaborative, but who will also disagree using facts and experiential evidence. Performers who add value to your company and process to your operation. Be open to meeting with candidates and prospects at trade shows, conventions, industry conferences and functional associations (there is one for every profession).

As a candidate you need to do the same things – network, network and more networking! Most, if not all, positions are filled through a network – one way or another. Don’t be intimidated by AI and robots screening you out – find ways to network in to the organization. Many firms won’t hire candidates unless they are networked in by a current employee and somebody in the company can vouch for their background, strengths, industry background and culture fit.

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