How to Find New Talent that Fits Your Company’s Culture

When private equity firms and growing companies make an acquisition to augment their competitiveness in the market, to grow revenue, to expand into new markets or to acquire a new technology,—many times new talent is needed to advance the company forward, to align with your culture and to replace existing founders or leaders who choose to leave the business for personal reasons.

  • How do you replace entrepreneurs, founders or existing talent after an acquisition?
  • How do you ensure new leaders will fit your culture or the culture you are trying to build in your organization or roll-up?
  • How do you replace a patriarchal leader who was successful in controlling everything, but didn’t prepare the team to take on new challenges, manage acceptable risk or add accountability for growth, new markets or changing customer demands?

If any of these questions resonate with you, it’s time to turn to a trusted global executive search and consulting firm like M&A to partner with you on your growing challenges and needs.

An effective search partner can you help determine what your culture is, assess the culture of the acquired organization and help you mitigate the gap with thoughtful and insightful analysis, assessment and a hiring blueprint for the growth leaders needed to take the acquired company to new heights.

An initial step that is crucial to success on these fronts is to assess your own company with a culture assessment tool to determine the culture you are building and then to assess the acquired company’s culture. Then compare the two. Contrasting the cultures of the merging companies will help you determine the skills, attributes and both tangible and intangible traits you will need to find in leaders needed to grow the business. Honest assessments enable you to build a stronger culture of inclusiveness, collaboration, cooperation, shared leadership and effective communication—including excellent active listening skills to engage team members, build trust, earn respect and learn the business from the vantage point of the staff.

Once you know what to search for in candidates to successfully lead and grow your new acquisition, you can elicit the aid of a search firm to network into the market of successful companies to find the candidates with the ‘right stuff’ to grow your company. A culture assessment will help you find candidates who will help profitably, improve ROI, expand ROA and enhance gross margin and net profit margin to meet the goals of stakeholders, investors and PE firm partners. Look for a search firm with a profitable search process to properly identify your culture and find candidates that are a match to your culture to ensure growth, a team-oriented approach and maximum return.

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