How to Scale Your Staff as Your Company Grows

Is your company growing at a fast rate, experiencing rapid customer growth, or adding new products or services in the coming year?

How do you gauge your staffing needs to meet your growing business needs and challenges? Do you need temporary help in the interim, fractional help (part-time), or a full-time regular staff addition to meet your need? When is it appropriate to use each method of talent acquisition? This article will address the finer points of each of these hires and offer some recommendations on how M&A Executive Search can assist.

Interim Consultant

This hire is useful when you have a short-term project that needs to be done quickly, efficiently and with an expert who is experienced in doing the same or similar type of work for a company who is related to or in your same industry. An interim consultant, or temporary hire, is useful when you have a pressing need and no one on your current team has the experience or time to complete the project in the time frame needed. An interim consultant can also be hired when an employee goes on a leave of absence for a determined time – maternity or paternity leave or for an undetermined time frame (i.e. medical leave or military leave).

Fractional Help (Part-Time)

This type of hire is a good solution when you have a temporary need for an expert on a part-time or fractional basis, 10-30 hours per week but not on a 40-hour per week basis. This solution is ideal for project management assignments, system implementation projects or market research projects where expert attention is needed for the short term to see a project to completion.

Retained Search

This hire is best used for high-level searches for directors to C-level positions where getting the right fit for the skills, experience, and culture is paramount to your success and your company’s success. Retained search is also a good solution for replacing a retiring executive or an underperforming executive who may be in the wrong role or need to be replaced with upgraded talent. We’ll talk more about finding the right culture fit in our next blog.


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