Interim Supply Chain Executives

Highly experienced interim supply chain executives and managers can step into organizations and quickly tackle the key issues that most companies face in improving their supply chain management and overall company performance. These interim supply chain professionals immediately impact a project or interim basis addressing key challenges. Key areas of their supply chain expertise include:

Customer Service – Effective customer service, crucial in ensuring products reach the right place at the right time, hinges on complex information coordination between a company and its customers. The seasoned interim supply chain executive who has “been there and done that” and knows what good looks like can lead the organization in improving this technology-driven information flow.

Cost Control – Cost control is a critical issue and is usually related to the rising cost of transportation.  An interim supply chain executive with strong logistics and transportation experience can quickly make a significant impact in cost and improve operating income.

When companies use interim supply chain experts on a fractional basis they can typically get someone with more experience than they could hire and while in their interim supply chain role can tackle key initiatives.

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Interim Supply Chain Expert - Case Studies

Interim Warehouse Manager

A global diversified manufacturer had their Warehouse Manager leave the company.  Instead of immediately hiring, this organization contacted us to help them put in place an experienced senior interim supply chain manager with warehouse management, transportation, and logistics experience. While the interim supply chain manager coordinated the team they also led several key initiatives including warehouse redesign, distribution center footprint redesign, and RFID re-implementation. Through the 6 month process, he was able to help improve productivity, lower costs, and improve customer service.  He also helped in selecting the full-time Warehouse Manager.

Interim Supply Chain Director

A multinational FMCG company urgently needed a director after its main leader left. We provided a seasoned interim supply chain director with a strong background in global management and strategy. This director quickly identified key improvements in procurement and logistics, focusing on efficiency and sustainability.

Their tenure resulted in lower operational costs, enhanced supply chain resilience, and better supplier relationships, demonstrating the effectiveness of our interim supply chain director in maintaining and advancing the company's supply chain objectives.


Our Network of Interim Supply Chain Managers and Executives

At M&A Executive Search & Consulting we have an extensive network of interim supply chain experts, some with integrated supply chain experience and others with specific industry or supply chain expertise (e.g., Logistics, Bulk Chemical Distribution, Warehouse Management and Automation).  We can quickly put the right interim supply chain executive in place for your organization to meet your exact needs.

The following are Interim Supply Chain examples from M&A’s network: